Friday, November 6, 2015

Another Good Week

October 28, 2015

         Well, I’m starting in on my second journal!  The pages are a lot smaller than in my other one, so we will see if I keep on writing the same amount.  Today was p-day and sadly I spent the majority cleaning the house.  Again, even after almost a month here, there is still so much crap to throw out, organize, and clean.  Little by little, we are chiseling away at the chores.  I was cleaning from about 9 am until a little past noon.  My companion helped me for a long time so that was good.  I used up the rest of my monthly money to buy fruit for the week and we chilled in the house for the rest of the day.  I did do a pretty killer callisthenic workout ending with 200+ pull-ups and 300+ push-ups.  The most productive part of today was probably having our much needed comp inventory.  My comp confessed that he is struggling with me mostly because the way I do things is not the most discrete.  If the house needs cleaning, I say, “the house is filthy, I’m going to clean it.”  Or, if the area book is awful, I say that it is awful, and then I fix it.  I try to do things the right way, but sometimes it comes off as offensive.

Miracle #415: Hard to think of one today.  It was a lame day.  I can do a frog plank to a handstand. 

         The funny part of the day was learning that Elder Nelson, and elder in my district, is the son of one of my mom’s friend’s best friend.   She saw a picture of him on my blog and recognized him!  It sure is a small world.  I thought it was also funny that I literally cannot nap for more than 20-30 minutes as a time.  I wake up after 20 minutes and feel as though I slept for hours.  It is pretty nice!

October 29, 2015

         Today was a pretty good day to be honest.  It started off with an early bird workout session and was followed by a trip to the center of Santiago to take care of some Visa business for my companion.  We were able to some home, study, have lunch, and go to the chapel to work on the computer a little bit.  After finishing all that, the rest of the day flew by.  We had very few hang-ups and most of our plans worked out.  Just like any other day in the mission, some of our citas fell through, but for the most part it was a good day.  One of the most exciting parts of the day was when the family P. from Capitan Avalos brought me mate.  I have been missing my mate for 3 weeks, but now I don’t have to miss it anymore!

Miracle #416: We had a lesson with the A. family in the chapel, which they hadn’t entered in years.  The lesson was amazing and at the end, the bishop and his first counselor showed up randomly. 

         The other part of the day that was pretty cool was wen one member accompanied us to visit a less active lady.  The member has a son with serious health issues and he needs a strict no-gluten diet, which in Chile is super expensive apparently.  As it turned out, the less active lady has a daughter with the same illness and learned how to cool tons of gluten free food.  When she offered to teach the hermano, he just about cried.  I just kept thinking, “Wow, blessings really do come from accompanying the missionaries.” My comp and I get along a lot better when we aren’t contacting all day.  I’m going to really hope and pray to start having more lessons and a few less contacts.  The bummer is that like every new sector I’ve had, this sector was really lacking on potential new investigators so contacts are a necessity. 

October 30, 2015

         Well today just took it out of me. I haven’t been this wiped in a long while.  We did our weekly 30+ km journey to the boonies of our sector.  Throughout the process, we decided that my bike is around 3 times harder to pedal than my companions.  After riding my bike for 3 minutes, my comp was already spent.  We had some pretty great lessons today and did some contacts.

Miracle #447: We contacted two 10 year old kids who just started telling us that they always like to talk about Christ.  It was really odd, but cool.

         The funny part of the day was probably when the sister missionaries had me fix their bikes.  It was funny because the problems were simple, yet they were amazed that I could fix them. I don’t know why, but in this sector I get to use my talents a lot more than in previous sectors.  As much as I’m starting to like this sector, and love my district, I am feeling like I have been on the mission forever and it should be over by now.  Maybe I am just not truly converted, but I find it the work monotonous and a teensy bit tedious. There are fantastic moments, but it’s funny how few there really are in comparison to the boring/frustrating/crappy moments, and yet, somehow they make it all worthwhile.  

October 31, 2015

         Well it was my second and last Halloween here in Chile. Once again I wore the scariest costume of all, I was a missionary!  It’s so scary that sometimes people look out their windows, see us, and run!  This year we had to go home an hour early, which didn’t bother me one bit because no one wanted to talk to us anyways.  We contacted a lot of the day, but also wasted a considerable amount of time when the members asked me to help with some music stuff, but then not doing anything with me.  Overall, the day was pretty good.  Elder M. finally had a get to know you session with me, which at least helped me understand him better.

Miracle #448: We had 2 contact lessons for the first time in this sector.  One of them was a worker on the Santiago temple. 

         There were a few funny parts of the day like photo bombing some people taking their Halloween pictures, having all of our appointments fall through and contacting a vampire.  Honestly, for me the most ridiculous part of today was contacting a lady in our part of the sector that the sister missionaries are teaching!  It is funny because we gave the sisters everyone who we were teaching who lived in their sector. 

November 1, 2015

         Today was okay.  I fell asleep in church and one of the members gave me a ridiculous amount of crap about it.  Multiple people took pictures of me and made fun of me.  It pissed me off, but I DIDN’T react poorly at all.  Then a member showed the sister missionaries the picture just to make fun of me some more.  I erased it from his phone, and then he somehow recovered it and continued to flaunt it through the church.  To my credit, I still didn’t loose my temper, even though I was really ticked off.

Miracle #449: With one last division, we made it to the mission standard today, and we finished our leader calls by 11:15.

         The funny part of the day was talking to a returned missionary about his companions on his mission.  It is really hard to be diligent when your comp doesn’t care.  There are very few missionaries who have a problem with leaving the house late or having 2-hour lunches. 

November 2, 2015

         Today was entertaining.  This morning, we did morning contacts and the normal routine, but at the last second, the zone leaders and us decided to do division today.  I got to leave the sector and go with Elder G. for the day.  It turned out to be a decent day, especially because we got a lot of food. The people we visited here were all stellar! It kind of made me a little bit jealous.  The only bad part of the day was that our day went way too late. We finally got home at 11:00 P.M., which is the latest that I have ever gotten home.  That is just way too late! Anyways, it was a fun division and I learned quite a bit.

Miracle #450: There was a crazy small world moment today. It just so happens that of the 2 members that I met today, one of them was Hermano Soto.  When he found out that I was from Spokane, he told me that he had a companion on his mission to Argentina who was from Spokane.  Turned out that his companion was Paul Nibarger!  What??? Brother Nibarger is in my home ward, lives a block from me, and was my home teaching companion when I was a young teacher!

         The other funny part of the day was going to a house and getting super trunky when I saw a huge liter of 7 dachshund puppies that were less than 2 weeks old.  They were so cute and I just couldn’t get over it. It was also fun belatedly celebrating one of the missionary’s birthdays.  A family put on a little party for the elder and we went to support him because he is struggling a little bit. 

November 3, 2015

         Today was a pretty good day.  After a rough district meeting lesson, we had a really good day at work!  For the first time, I felt like we really did our best.  We had a good lunch that ended on time and a bunch of lessons later on in the day.  The coolest part of the day was switching my bike with another Elder’s bike.  This new bike is way more legit and now we ride faster. It also has suspension.

Miracle #451: As one of our citas fell through, I felt what was almost certainly a prompting to visit a reference.  It just so happened to be his only day off, so we got to teach him.

         The funny part of the day was probably practicing a few skits for a ward activity on Friday.  I realized that I actually like acting and I am not horrible at it.  I calculated that we rode our bikes about 14.5 mph. I am a lot less tired because the bike is so much better.  With a little extra energy at night, I am helping my companion learn English.  He is already pretty good but just needs practice. 

I am more that a little excited for p-day tomorrow!!  

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