Saturday, July 2, 2016

My New/and Final Companion

Lot of Goodbyes this week.
June 15, 2016
     Today was an exhausting p-day.  As a zone we went to play soccer (big surprise).  This time we played on a full sized field and I also played which is a rarity.  I ran all out for pretty much a solid hour.  I have never been able to run for long periods of time, but I surprised myself and outran everyone today.  I was pretty excited that I had that kind of endurance.  We played for so long that everyone else was getting leg cramps. After soccer, we shopped and then went back to the house for lunch.  We all crashed pretty hard.  I slept for just over an hour….so nice!
Miracle #676: The referrals in this sector are amazing,  We went to a referral this evening and he let us in and had a really exceptionally spiritual lesson.
    The funny part of the day was teaching Elder Diaz some calisthenics.  It is also pretty funny to see the latino get super intense about their soccer which contributes to making soccer no fun.  I got super trunk while signing up for U of U classes online today.  It stressed me out a little bit to try and figure the whole system out, but I got a very good schedule and I am excited to start studying.  Thinking about the future scares me a little bit, to be honest.
June 16, 2016
    Today was an okay day.  This morning we had 2 lessons planned. One of them was super far away and of course it was the one that fell through.
Miracle #677 Four people came to the English class because of the flyers that we posted.   Hopefully more will come next week.
    To give a little summary of the day: I fell asleep in a lesson with M, who we are preparing for baptism, we held our new English class, we taught a lesson to a ridiculously prideful family, and we finished off by visiting a recent convert whose brother has leukemia. We had decent lessons.
June 17, 2016
    Today we did divisions with the DL and I learned a lot.  He is not a very patient person and pretty critical of me, but he gave me some good tips  The day in and of itself was only decent. Right after meeting up for divisions, we went to look for a member who helped us out in a lesson. Maxi also wanted to go with us and we let him since there was another adult member coming along.  That was a pretty funny and crazy couple of hours.
Miracle #678: For the first time in a while, I really felt the guidance of the spirit telling me where to go and who to contact. Both of our good contacts were like spiritual double takes.
    The funny part of the day was how much the DL scoped out the girls.  The leaders of this zone are really good missionaries with the only exception  being that they are very girl crazy.  When I was in Portezuelo, I learned to basically stop seeing girls completely, but when I got here, it was a topic of way too many conversations in the zone and the house.  It has really affected me adversely.  I am not a huge fan of the leadership because of this.
June 18, 2016
    Today we did a lot of contacting and it went fairly well.  This morning we did contacts in the feria and had some decent referrals as a district.  When we got back to the house, I accidentally fell asleep until lunch…no one woke me up.  Because of the nap, I was actually more sleepy all day long.  We did have one lesson, but after the lesson, we just contacted all day.  My comp and I talked a lot today and things are going a lot better.  He is really a good person, and he tries so hard. 
Miracle #679: In the very last contact, my companion took the initiative and found an inactive member, who got baptized for his girl friend, who now wants his little kids to learn about God.
    At the end of the day a few people gave u some good food/desserts and it was hard to turn it down. Let’s just say that the other missionaries benefit from my diet.  I also thought it was funny that the elder who life in the sector next to ours had to go home early because there is a major gang war going on in their area.  The stories coming out of that sector are pretty good. 

 June 19, 2016
    Well I learned that I am going to have one more companion.  Today I was really paying attention to how Elder Morales works and he is like a new missionary!  He has progressed leaps and bounds since I met him.  It was so cold today that the work was a little bit hard to do.  No one really wants to talk to missionaries on a good day, but when the weather is bad, forget it.  My comp. will be leaving this sector, so we spent some time saying goodbye to a few people.
Miracle #680: I. called us to invite us to come over and eat a little something so that we could get out of the cold.  That really helped to pick up my companion’s spirits.

    The funny part of the day was probably making a few videos for Elder M.’s parents and showing our love for him by enforcing our new rule that if he makes his pouty 3 year old face, we will “gently” punch him in the arm.  His parents probably thought that we are abusing him, but we all find the rule pretty fun, including him.  The other funny part of the day was trying to resist/redirect everyone at our lunch appointment who wanted to look up my home city and see where I lived.  I really have avoided this at all costs because there is a big discrepancy with the lifestyle that I grew up with and the lifestyle of the people I work with. 
June 20, 2016
    Today was the longest day of goodbyes EVER.  We started off the day by helping I. with a hedge that he has outside of his house.  After trimming the bush, we had to practically run to get to the district meeting on time.  When we got there, the elder with the church keys was late.  A member picked us up early from the meeting to go to a lesson with some difficult twins.  We thought that the lesson was going to go poorly because they have been hard before and because of the conversation that we had leading up to the lesson, but we were wrong.
Miracle #681: The twins paid very close attention to the lesson and I distinctly felt the impression of what to say.  Later they confirmed that it was the message that they needed to hear. 
    The funny part of the day was when C. (the wacko member from Capitan Avalos) came with the Perez family to bring us some food (sell us food technically.) Without even noticing, he managed to get upstairs to MY room and take the mattress off the frame and shove in the bathroom.  It was super fun seeing my 2 best friends from Capitan Avalos.   They are going to go to the airport when I leave. 
June 21, 2016
    Today was a huge surprise.  My new companion is Elder Ashland.  When I was in Capitan Avalos, I lived with him and thought he was super weird, but now I really like him. Today was the most comfortable day of work I have had in a long time.  Elder A. is from Alberta, Canada.  Actually he lives way outside of the city.  Teaching with him is super easy. 
Miracle #682: While we were contacting doors, a lady walked past us and I felt like I should talk to her.  So I did.  We went to a nearby park with her and actually taught her a real lesson.  It was great.
    The funny/lame part of the day was the fact that my new companion goes home from his mission at the exact same time as I do.  This means that 2 brand new missionaries to this area will be replacing us.  It might be a little difficult to keep the energy up at the very end, but we are both pretty excited to work hard for the rest of our mission. The house is already more entertaining at night than it was before.  I was kind of hoping for a companion who would do exercises with me, but that is not going to happen.  In a little over a month I will be home.  The end is coming super fast.  I am excited to go to school and start that new chapter.  I found out today that Elder Anderson will also be going to the U of U. 

Elder Asplund trying to camoflage himself with his backpack.

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