Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Missing my bro - Elder Colvin 1.0

Elder Sandberg
Elder Child as he is getting ready to leave for the field!
This is a great elder and a good friend!
September 2, 2014
            We had a talk on being unified and how even thoughts of contention drive away the spirit.  I know that to be true but at times it is hard to resist my natural urge towards aggression.  I hate my nature right now and I really want to change it, but it is so hard!  I have made friends with a couple of the other elders in our zone and they have helped me.               
            Today was a music filled fun fest.  I have been practicing for a solo accompaniment and this evening I accompanied the coir with music that I received one week ago.  It was a pretty tough arrangement, but I did surprisingly well.  I love having musical challenges as an outlet for my pent up emotions.

September 3, 2014
            I have decided that Latinos are my favorite people!  Their personalities really resonate with me.  I was in the gym today when a couple of Latin elders came in and I thoroughly enjoyed trying to communicate with them and to try to get them to do some exercises with me.  One of the guys who was there was a gymnast and he was ridiculously strong.  I kept up with him until he started working on flexibility and flips!
            All-in-all it was one of the better days.  The lessons are getting easier, but the language is still pretty tough.  One of the other elders, who has the patience of a saint, lost his temper today with his companions. 
My teacher drew this picture of me in class...haha!

September 4, 2014
            It rains so hard here almost every day.  I wish that I could take pictures of the flooded streets so that you could see it.  Sadly, it almost never rains on P-day.  Today we actually taught real people on the street. It was crazy interesting.  The lady that we taught kept correcting our grammar.  I am super excited for the next time because we get to teach a LEGIT investigator. 

September 5, 2014
            Nothing to report today except we got a new sister who seems really YOUNG.
            Elder J. is going to write a book and he is telling me about it right now…and it sounds crazy good, so I am going to talk to him right now.
Look at the size of the months here!

September 6, 2014
            Sisters can be cranky and emotional.  Having grown up with them, I know the drill.  We have a trio of sisters right now and the teachers decided to pull a prank on them by telling them that one of them would be transferred. The two sisters who have been together since the beginning were told that they were going to be split up.  After the tears started to flow, the teachers admitted it was a joke.  The elders just busted up, but the sisters weren’t too thrilled. 

Elder G. Colvin
September 7,  2014
            Today was fast Sunday and it was both horrible and amazing at the same time.  It actually wasn’t hard for me to fast, but emotionally I was pretty sensitive especially during the testimony meeting.  I was told that I would miss Garrison less when I was out here, but I can honestly say that I miss him more than ever.  I was looking at my nametag and was overwhelmed by feeling of sadness about not being able to see my brother or talk to him.  He is one of the biggest reasons that I am out here.  Even in his worst times in life, he was a better man than me in his humility and his patience.  He is my best friend and role model.  I miss my Dad and I worry about him even though I have been given an assurance that he will be okay during my mission.  I love my whole family and I just want us to be together again. Knowing that it will be a long time before that happens is hard for me.  It also really hurts me to see my sister Bailey in the state that she is in right now.  I find comfort in the scripture from 2 Nephi 1:15 that says, “ But behold, the Lord hath redeemed my soul from hell; I have beheld his glory, and I am encircled about eternally in the arms of his love.”  I can feel the love of the Savior lifting me up when I am discouraged, comforting me in times of sorrow, and helping me to overcome my weaknesses.  I have been blessed this week with a greater measure of patience.

I am looking forward to skyping with everyone at Christmas time already! I think that the time will go pretty fast with Dad’s transplant and all.  I want you to send me pictures and keep me updated on the transplant process. It may be hard for me to see, but I will fell left out of the loop without it.  I don’t want you guys to keep information back from me thinking that you are protecting me.  I will do better if I know that you are being open and honest with me.  I know that Dad is super tough and that he will come through it all right.  
Look at those cliffs...I am missing my climbing gear!

I love you guys a ton and I will work hard for you!  

September 8, 2014
         P-day!!!! I am going to take a few pictures so that I can send them home.  

Elder Levi Colvin

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