Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Another week

November 5, 2014
            Yep, another P-day.  It was fun and I did some stupid climbing and it was totally worth it.  My knees ache a little because I had to make a long drop.  We went to a store that was just like Walmart.  It is so cool to see American stuff here, but they had just ran out of something that I really wanted …so that was irritating. My miracle was once again with the family V.
Miracle #44: We watched half of the restoration video and had a very spiritual discussion about pray and answers to pray.  M. said that he has never felt an answer to his questions to know the truth.  We listened to his concerns and then prayed with him to help him find the answers to his questions. After the prayer he was emotional so I thnk that he must of received at least part of his answer.
November 6, 2014
            Today was a roller coaster.  Normal morning of walking a long ways to find out that our appointment fell through.  Then I once again died after lunch.  I cannot stay awake for the life of me.  Later in the day, I woke up which is a good thing because I had my very first snake.  Snakes are just flirty young women between the ages of 15-25.  Anyway I had a super snake attack and it was uncomfortable, but I survived.
Miracle #45: I told a funny joke today in Spanish and everyone laughed. 
Where's the hazmat suit?

November 7, 2014
            Today felt like a p-day except is wasn’t.  We did contacts in the morning and as usual got nothing.  After that, we went to do morning study with I. and, as usual, he fed us a great meal.  We can never leave his house without eating amazing food, which I don’t mind at all. Then the rest of the afternoon we went back to finish cleaning up the hoarder house.  The evening was completely filled with appointments.  My miracle was going to be having 0 citas fall through, but unfortunately the last one fell.  After our last appointment, we found our miracle.
Miracle #46: We met a person who was just moving in and they turned out to be less active.  She was very receptive to our message and she said that she wants to come back to church.
November 8, 2014
            Today was insane!  It went from listening to a prophet of the Lord, Elder Nelson, to getting stopped on the street by a drunk suicidal old prostitute.  We also met a very obnoxious atheist sociologist who tried to convince us that God was a fabrication of men.  I was glad for two things, one that I have taken sociology so I understand that lingo, and two that I have a very good friend who is an atheist so that I know that they are not all jerks like this guy was. We had the funniest lesson with H. today when we asked him if he could move something with only his faith (thus leading to a discussion of the necessity of works).  He scrunched up his face and did what resembled using the Force.  I almost lost it.   We were fasting today and when we stopped by 2 families and told them we couldn’t eat with them because we were fasting, they gave us a delicious feast to eat later!  That was one of the many miracles today.  But my favorite miracle was when we stopped to have a conversation with a dude washing his car.
Miracle #47:  Car washing dude turned out to be an inactive returned missionary, and also happens to be married to a lady we met while door contacting yesterday.
November 9, 2014
            Sundays, for some reason, are the days that I am able to understand the most Spanish.  I really felt for the first time that I might be fluent today.  To be fair, I was humbled when I accidently said a really bad word today.  Fortunately it was just in front of the missionaries.  It was bound to happen sometime. 
My miracle of the day happened with little Max in church.  I play the piano for the music in church and during the sacrament I just sit at the piano bench.  When I sat down with my companion and Max after the sacrament, Max was so excited to tell me something. 
Miracle #48: Max told me he had received his answer, the one he has been praying for.  He said he felt so happy and that made me really happy for him!
My mother keeps asking me about the “pilot plan” here in our mission.  Basically we are the guinea pig mission for this new type of missionary focus.  Instead of the emphasis being 100% on baptism, the new pilot program has an emphasis of 30% baptism, 30% reactivation, 20% retention, 20% member work/teaching.  So those are the only numbers that we report and there is really not a lot of emphasis in our mission on numbers.  Meaning that the percentages are more of goals that help us divide our time rather than requirements. I love this plan as do most missionaries and it is working in our mission!  So that is the pilot plan and that is why Elder Nelson came to our mission to check up on how it was working for us.
November 10, 2014
            We had a really good teaching day, not very eventful, but just some good lessons.  The miracle of the day happened with our planned family home evening.  Max wanted to go, but he is too young to accompany us on his own.  His mom wasn’t able to come, but then his previously unreceptive father agreed to come with us.
Miracle #49: Max’s dad came to family home evening and listened to a really good lesson about the atonement.
November 11, 2014
            Today Elder Kimball had to get his ingrown toenail taken out….which he got by playing soccer so Mom, you are right about soccer.  I was doing divisions with his new companion, and my new housemate, Elder Ocarez.  El es Capo (he’s a boss!)  I could learn so much from him and I hope to in the future.  We really only had 3 lessons today, but Elder O. taught me how far I have to go as a teacher.  He set a baptismal date with one of our investigators and he teaches with so much power!  I can’t believe how much I have to learn.  I feel inadequate, but I know that I am supposed to be here right now.  My miracle was with H. today.
Miracle #50: For the first time in a month of lessons, H. actually understood 100% of what we taught (probably having a native speaker helps!)

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