Sunday, July 10, 2016

Consecration Week part 2

June 29, 2016
    Today was a very long day.  This morning was super long and quite unproductive. We literally had no lessons until 5:45 and that was rough.  In the end of the day, we had a few really good lessons.  With on of them we had to frantically make phone calls to get another man to accompany us and it turned out to be worth the trouble when he made all the difference in the lesson.
Miracle #690: Today we passed by another family that was on the list and it turned out to be someone that I taught when I was with my trainer.
    The funny/trunky part of the day was receiving my flight itinerary and seeing that after a 28 hour travel day which include two very long layovers, I am going to be home on August 2nd.  The reason it is funny is that Elder Ashland flies with me to Atlanta, but then he leaves to Seattle on a flight that departs 5 hours before mine does.  He will get home to Canada before I get to Seattle.  Actually if I took Asplunds flight to Seattle, my folks could drive me home and get to Spokane about 2 hours before my plane arrives. Ridiculous.
June 30, 2016
    Today was fairly decent day, but all of our plans fell through except for one or two appointments.  The morning was pretty slow, but we did find more work to do in the ward on the computer.  After that we did a few contacts in the feria and went to a few lessons who just fell through completely. We ended up walking a ton today and we spent well over an hour putting up flyers for English class. 
Miracle #691: We had been working for a long time and really needed something to work for us.  I was praying to get something and the very last house not he block turned out to be the answer to my prayer. Cool Kid.
    The funny part of the day was probably when we shot off Hermana Nanculeo’s cap gun.  It was pretty dang loud because it was made to imitate a real gun.  Also, I made the mistake of eating some sugary treats today and have been craving sugar all day long, and am just too tired to resist.  I didn’t think that I would be this tired on day 4 of consecration week.  Only 3 more days to go…we can do this!
July 1, 2016
    Today we were absolutely wiped out.  Overall it was a good day, but because of our exhaustion, the lessons were not as spiritual as they should have been.  In the morning we tried to do morning contacts, but the rest of our district was late so the bus stop that we were going to contact was dead.  We had a decent lesson with M. and J., but it was a long day.
Miracle #692 All of our planned lessons worked out in the end.  Honestly, if they had fallen, I think that I would have died.
    The funny part of the day was just how tired we really were.  At one point, we HAD to sit down to rest and make some calls.  It was also funny when someone tried to tell us that they couldn’t accept the Book of Mormon because they are from the South?!?  What does that have to do with anything? We have meetings with the new president tomorrow morning so that should be interesting.
July 2, 2016
    We had a weird morning this morning.  At 10 AM we had a special conference with the new president, President Gwilliams.  I thought that it was going to be a really cool conference, but it ended up being a get-to-know-you thing. We spent like 3 hours just presenting everyone and I really didn’t care for it at all.  It sucked up our entire morning and in the afternoon we had a hard time in the work.  Our first lesson was also our best lesson even though I didn’t say much. 
Miracle #693 We were finally able to set up and pull off a family home evening with Maxi’s family. 
    The funny part of the day was telling jokes with Maxi’s family.  Some of them were super innocent, but others got a little bit out of hand.  It was also funny when I thought that it was 10:30, but when I got home it was only 9:30.  During the entire walk back to the house, my comp. knew what time it was, but didn’t tell me.  Me managed to squeeze in one last lesson right before we got home.  I am pretty ready for tomorrow.  It is my last monthly story telling time (testimony meeting) here in Chile.
July 3, 2016
    We are DONE! We worked 100 hours in 1 week.  I don’t think that I have ever done anything that exhausting in my entire life.  The week was full of miracles and it turned out to be the “best” week in both of our missions.  The week has been both super long and super rewarding at the same time.
Miracle #694: Using the list of members in our ward, we went to a supposedly less active members house only to learn that she didn’t live there anymore, but miraculously, the woman who lives there now is an inactive member who was receptive to our message.
    The funny part of the day was the FHE that we did tonight.  After the message and refreshments, we started to play a ton of games that have to do with thinking and observing.  The family got so frustrated that it was entertaining.  To me, the other funny part of the day was hearing our district leader’s reaction to our numbers for the week.  He thought that I was lying and gave me a hard time for a while. It was really pretty funny.  I was pretty happy with seeing the results of working our butt off.  If I had to say one negative thing about the week it would be that not studying for a whole week made a huge difference in how I felt at the end of the week.  I need to keep up my scripture study habits when I get home!
July 4, 2016
    Well today was sure a lot slower than we have been used to.  This morning we had a super lazy morning of cleaning and studies.  After a week of no exercising, I almost vomited while doing Insanity.  All of our lesson just fell through today and it was a little slow. 
Miracle #695: Somehow, after 1 good night’s rest, I feel recharged and ready to work.
    The funny part of the day was probably the fact that one of our crazy people that we teach, ran away to the south.  I was really worried about her until her twin told me that it was the 4th time she has done it. 
    Something that was definitely was not funny was cleaning the grout in our bathroom that probably hasn’t been cleaned in a year.  It was absolutely disgusting. 
July 5, 2016
    Today was a pretty good day.  The morning I barely got up the energy to do my workout and it totally wrecked me.  After lunch, we hit the streets and went to our lessons.
Miracle #696: It was one of those days where our plan A’s all fell through, but our plan B’s all worked out and we found 2 new investigators that we had been looking for during the past two weeks.
    The funny part of the day was in the last lesson of the day when the family’s dog started playing with us and before I knew it, he was peeing on my shoe.  I resisted the urge to kick the little rat across the room but remembering that I am a missionary and have an image to keep up.  Elder Diaz and Elder Aedo were on divisions tonight and a gringo came over, so for the first time in a very long time (over a year), I was in a house full of gringos.  It made me trunky for sure! Being so close to the end, I find my mind wandering and thinking about home a lot more than I should.

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