Monday, December 14, 2015

More Missionary Work

November 25, 2015

         Today was educational. I really learned first-hand that it doesn’t matter what time I wake up, I am still wiped out at the end of the day.  Today I got up an hour and a half later than normal and it didn’t make any difference in my fatigue. This morning we went on a bike ride with a member from our ward and had a pretty good time.  We just biked a huge random circle and ended by hiking up a hill to go see a very catholic statue of the Virgin Mary. 

Miracle #473: We convinced a future investigator to also accompany us on the ride.

         The fun part of the day was making myself (more accurately trying to make myself) bread from whole grain flour.  The only problem was that the bread refused to rise.  It ended up being pretty tasty, but pretty heavy.  I also tried a new way of drinking mate using grapefruit.  It was fantastic, so I ended up buying a grapefruit for every day of this next week. 
November 26, 2015
         Well today was iffy.  It was one of my few “lazy” missionary days.  By lazy I mean that we wasted too much time in people’s houses.  It wasn’t a bad day at all, but I didn’t feel very good about it.  We had an enormous lunch today and it left us in a food coma.

Miracle #474: We got a member to drive us out to the far part of our sector, saving us a 15 km ride.

         The funny part of the day was nothing really. I didn’t really have my head all the way in the game today, so the lessons were mediocre at best. I need to prepare myself more on a personal level for the lessons. 

November 27, 2015

         Today we were on divisions.  I learned that I can love any missionary if I put the effort in to see their hearts.  It was a good learning opportunity for me.  We had a weird day today.  Many of our plans fell through but new plans seemed to appear.  For example, when one cita fell through, we were invited to an elder’s quorum meeting.  During an hour where we didn’t have any solid plan, we dropped off a kid at the chapel and by chance the primary was practicing their program and desperately needed a pianist.

Miracle #475: V. and his family all have noticed and recognized many blessings that have some to their lives since they started meeting with us.  They accepted the goal to be baptized on January 16th!

         The funny part of the day was probably seeing how slowly Elder F. rides his bike. If he were my permanent companion, we might struggle a bit, but for one day we lived. I got some really good feedback from him and now have some things that I can work on.  I was really happy because Elder M. doesn’t give me things to work on personally to improve and change.

November 28, 2015

         Well today we didn’t get too much done.  I wasn’t all to excited to get out the door today, and my comp wasn’t helping to encourage me to get to work.  It’s hard because everyone has hard days where we need an extra push or pull from our companions.  I feel like I am on my own a lot of the time.

Miracle #476: We finally got back to the basics of missionary work by doing contacts and I realized that I miss it.  We were able to help someone with their multicultural homework.

         The fun part of the day was probably going to a park for a stake activity where they showed  “Meet the Mormons” to the public.  It seemed to me like another waste of time, but they asked all of the missionaries to be there.  It was a waste of time.  A fun waste of time, but a waste of time nonetheless.  Well there isn’t much more to say. A slow day of contacting that ultimately was entertaining.

November 29, 2015

         Well today was alright. It was a little bit of a let down to see the people who didn’t go to church, but at the same time, we were happy to see several other people who went to church that we weren’t expecting. Lunch today was fun because the family we ate with is pretty wealthy by Chilean standards and they had a real piano.  While they were preparing lunch, I was playing piano so I didn’t mind waiting. After a super long lunch, we just contacted until our only real planned lesson.  The lesson was with my family of miracles, V’s family.  They were also the funny part of the day to me.

Miracle #477: The Mom from the family told me that when I talk about God, it seems to her that my face shines and makes her think of an angel.  I never thought that anyone would ever tell me that.

         The funny part of the day was when we were with V’s family, who didn’t go to church even though they promised us that they would.  We taught them the gospel of Jesus Christ which includes the principle of repentance.  While teaching, we taught the importance of asking God to forgive our mistakes and in the closing prayer, V. asked to be forgiven for not going to church and promised that he was going to go next week.  It was a legit prayer!

November 30, 2015

         So today was good.  This morning was rough because it started with morning contacts a 7:00 am.  After the contacts, we had a good morning lesson with a less active member about the birth of Christ.  After that we started to plan our district meeting tomorrow with the topics that we studied.  I wasn’t feeling good about the lesson so I wanted to change it.  Elder M. didn’t care either way, so we changed to a new subject that I felt much better about.  We planned a lesson for the district meeting.

Miracle #478: We had divisions today and we contacted a lot of the day and even met 2 really good future investigators.

         The funny part of the day was that as we were contacting, we didn’t find anyone who was moderately interested, it was either “go away, I’m busy” or they were super interested.  It was also funny that Elder P., the elder I was working with, couldn’t ride a bike.  We just decided to rough it and go on foot. It was so slow.  Elder P. is a talkative elder so we had a blast on the division.

December 1, 2015

         Today was really a good day.  The morning was especially good because we had a good district meeting even though it was semi last minute in the planning.  After that we had interviews with the president. I went into the interview a little bit tense, but in the end I came out feeling a ton more at peace.  I set some good goals to work on personally.

Miracle #479: My strict regime of keeping up on our area book earned us top marks when it was reviewed by the assistants.  (Thanks to Elder Leon)

         There were a couple of funny parts of the day such as when president mocked my tie and told me that I shouldn’t wear it because it had a suit of playing cards on it.  I just said, okay I won’t wear it again.  Today in the evening we visited with V’s family and it was great.  Afterwards we went to a new investigator where she shared her past experience with the missionaries, which she said was a good experience.  Then she went on to tell us that the missionaries would come to her house to play play-station with her 10 year old son.  YIKES!  But, thanks to them, she let us in and we talk her a real missionary lesson.

         The goals that I set with President to improve myself are:

1.    Talk less about myself

2.    Put more effort into my personal prayers

3.    Finish the Old Testament

4.    Waste less time in lunches and lessons

5.    Not let my negative emotions affect others
All of my shoes have fallen apart! I am waiting for replacements in the mail from home.
Stitching coming apart.

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