Monday, May 2, 2016

A mostly fun week

April 6, 2016
    Today was a pretty fun p-day.  Most of the day we were out and about wit the Perez family from Capiton Avzlos.  We first went to one of our commerce centers of Santiago called Mapocho, where we looked around at food and merchant stands and stuff.  After that, w went to Pomaire, which is a little town about 30 minutes outside of Santiago limits where they sell lots of art and trinkets.  The most fun part of going to Pomaire was getting a 1 kg. empanada.  I ate it faster than anyone…not sure I should be proud of that or not. It was tasty!  

As far as the work goes, we were a little bit late to get out to work today.  We started in my least favorite part of the sector (Lomas de Miramar).  The people there are not receptive.
Miracle #606: We got one lesson out of our contacts in Lomas.
    The fun part of the day was buying souvenirs and seeing all of the ways the people of Pomaire make little clay pigs.  The pig is the animal of Pomaire.  There were piggy banks, pig bowls, pig toys, pig decorations, and even pig incense burners.  After a very frantic p-day, I got online to email my family and learned that Sawyer got his mission call to Guadalajara, Mexico.  The got me missing home a bit. The best part of that news is that he leaves a few weeks after I get home, so I get to see him!
April 7, 2016
    Almost all of our plan fell through today.  It is really frustrating when you work hard to make plans so that your day isn’t wasted, and then all of the plans fall apart.  We had some decent lessons and some crappy contacts.  The beginning of the day started with a good 2 hour service project in a SUPER dirty house.  We emptied a bunch of garbage from the yard and filled a giant trash container.  We actually didn’t finish the job because the container was overflowing. We had 2 other companionships helping us and one of the missionaries literally did not touch a thing of rah entire 2 hours. 
Miracle #607: We visited the A. family with a counselor i the bishopric after 3 months of not visiting them.  It was a good lesson.
    The other miraculous part of the day really had to do with last night.  We felt prompted to visit a person my companion did not know.  Just as we were leaving to go to visit him, we got a call from his hospitalized wife telling us that their son had just been called into the military and her husband was alone in the house.  She really was hoping that we could go and visit him.  When we got there he was receptive to our message and seems much more willing to keep commitments.
April 8, 2016
    Today we didn’t work too hard, but we got our visits done. This morning, we did our weekly planning which was really sleepy.  I am really excited for when Elder B knows his way around this sector.  Lunch today was a minuscule snack pack style to-go lunch that was just about like the lunchables at home.  We had to go home t get some more food to make it through our day.  The lunch tomorrow is going to be tiny too.  After lunch we went to fix a members bike for him.  I suppose I have become the resident bike repairman.

Miracle #608: S. finished reading the Book of Mormon this morning and feels that it is true.  She is the very first person that I have taught who has done this.
    The funny part of the day was getting horrible gas from eating our lunch.  Poor Elder B. was dying as he rode home behind me.  The other funny part of today was that Elder B had hiccups literally all day long.  It is pretty comical to listen to him hiccup as he bore his testimony.  It was a fun day, but we could work a little harder.
April 9, 2016
    Today’s visits were a little depressing.  We visited A - who we are probably going to have to drop, R - who is pretty depressed, V- whose wife is back in the hospital, V and E who are always interested in making commitments but can’t seem to follow through.
Miracle #609 Last week we gave a blessing to V. and this week she was released from the hospital.
    The funny part of the day was deciding to fast and having every person we talk to wanting to give us food.  We try not to tell people that we are fasting because that is not the point of the fast.  I really like fasting together with my comp because it makes it easier to do.  Time together is flying by.  I genuinely enjoy working with Elder Bushman.  As far as our work goes, I am really tempted to drop everyone and start over.  The people really aren’t progressing at all. It’s frustrating.

April 10, 2016
    Today was pretty decent.  We started with a ward council meeting which our ward mission leader did not attend.  Most of the people we teach did not come to church, so that was disappointing as usual.  After church, we finished our fast an had lunch which was very filling and satisfying!  This afternoon we contacted our in the farther reaches of our sector and found one potential investigator.  For the first time in around a month we visited J. B, a recent convert with a less active wife. 
Miracle #610: R.’s family shared with us and was super receptive to our message.
    Our plan actually worked out surprisingly well today. We set up a lot of good stuff for later on this week.  I think that the funny part of the day was the fact that both of the decent contacts we had were men wearing pretty inappropriate clothes.  The frustrating part of the day was contacting an evangelists who basically attacked us.  I don’t mind respectful disagreements, but when I get attacked it is just irritating.
April 11, 2016
    Most of the day was pretty slow and boring, but at least this morning we had a miracle.
Miracle #611: During morning contacts, we took our 2 references (very rare) an one of them set up a visit (unheard of).
    After that miracle, the day went downhill. We got a little bit behind in our schedule because of our exercises.  It took us a long time to find the home of the people who were going to feed us lunch. We had to wait 30 minutes while they made lunch which was worth the wait thankfully.  I fell asleep for a few minutes after lunch which made us late for our appointment.  I jinxed my comps by telling his how impressed I was that he had never popped a tire.  Within minutes, his front tire popped and I had to fix it.  We contacted for a long time today, but none of the people were interested.  I got a little bit bored and tired.  This evening we went to see how D,’s divorce trial went and had to listen to 25 minutes of stories about the trial which turned out in her favor.
April 12, 2016
    Today was district meeting and I got ticked off again at our zone. The zone chose to watch movies for p-day again.  Then they were given the choice of what to watch and they chose a pointless movie.  Now that I am district leader, I have to “support” these dumb activities.  It makes me crazy.
Miracle #612: We had a really balance day with Elder Alvear.  He is  new missionary who I got to go on divisions with.  We had a really good family home evening activity with S. and the H. family.
    The funny part of the day was probably playing some silly games after FHE. At one point, we had to act out movie and I got the most ridiculous ones, (Titantic, Godzilla, and Shipwrecked.)  We had a blast and are hopeful that it will help our investigator to progress.  The division with the new elder today was a stark contrast to the division with the new elder last week.  Elder A is going to be a stellar missionary.  He is not scared to contact or teach or testify.  He connects well with people and he is just a great person.  I was very impressed with him.  

The field is ready to harvest.

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