Wednesday, August 13, 2014

First moments as a missionary...

Two families, each waiting to set apart the third missionary from their family. Tanner Hardy and Levi have known each other for the past 10 years.  They played piano in the same studio for many of those years.  It was a privilege to share this experience with the Hardy family. 
Hardy men, Stake President, Colvin men.
What's left of the Colvin clan. 
I love this young man.
We had the unique opportunity to share this special event with a wonderful family in our stake who share many of our same life experiences.  The Hardy family moved to Spokane shortly after we did with their 5, almost 6, children. There three oldest were the same ages as Taylor, Garrison, and Levi.  We have many fond memories of their wonderful and talented kids so it was really a pleasure to be able to share the moment with Tanner who will be leaving for his mission to Bulgaria Sofia Mission on the same day as Levi leaves for Chile, Santiago South Mission. Each young man participated in the other's setting apart.  The blessings given by President Larson were unique and specific to the needs of each young man.  After he was set apart, Elder L. Colvin seemed very calm and happy.

This morning, VERY early, we all loaded up to take Levi to the airport.  All went well even though were were 1.5 pounds over weight with one of his bags.  Unfortunately, his plane sat on the tarmac for 1.5 hours which meant that he missed his connection in Phoenix.  The airlines re-routed him to LAX this afternoon after a 3 hours layover, where he will sit for another 5-6 hours before he gets on his Air Mexico flight.  We have no idea what will happen with his bags.  But SLC travel office assures me that he will be met by someone from the MTC at midnight.  I guess that I will find out tomorrow if he makes it.
Elder Colvin is excited that this day has finally come!

Mom helps him one last time.
He is just so hugable!
The hardest goodbye ever said. Kyle is wearing his "aloha" shirt as it is also his final day at work.
We are so proud of this brave young man.

The Bro hug.
It will be four years before these two brothers meet again.
5:30 Wednesday morning at the Spokane airport! Weirdly crowded.

One last look back.

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