Sunday, August 24, 2014

First Week in the CCM

My travel experience:
While I was on my way over to the LAX airport, I had the opportunity to share the restoration with a lady on the plane.  It was really intimidating but she seemed like she was genuinely interested in reading the Book of Mormon. I kind of kicked myself for not having one with me, but I was able to give her “Our Search for Happiness.”  She seemed like she was really interested in taking the missionary discussions and was blown away by the fact that missionaries would come to your house if you called them.

August 15, 2014
I LOVE THE CCM (mtc en español)  this place has been an amazing blessing for me.  I've gotten along pretty darn well con mi compañero y aprendo mas de la idioma then I thought I would by now. I have been writing in my journal every day and I've been working really hard to understand the language.  I think overall my district is learning the language much faster then most districts do!  THE CCM IS LIKE PARADISE!!!!!  I love speaking in Spanish.  Mis companeros don’t like it too much porque no aprendido. I am loving everything about it and I'm closer to mi padre celestial.  I have been blessed in a way that I never imagined I would be.  I love the work and all I want to do is study the language and get into the field and teach.

August 16, 2014
            This training center is the best thing to ever happen to me.  Every day gets better and better. I love having the spirit with me all day long.  I really understand the saying, “no desire to do evil.”  It is strangely interesting that I actually want to spend all my time praying, studying, singing, studying, praying, and studying some more.  Of course there is a little eating and sleeping in there too. I have never had the desire to study any subject with as much fervor as the Spanish language.
            I am eternally grateful for my decision to serve and be here at this time. The best part of this week was last night when Hermano Martinez bore his testimony and I felt an overwhelming assurance that Dad will be just fine during my mission.

August 17, 2014
            This was a great Sunday!  I know I sound like one of “those missionaries” already, but that is because I feel like one.  I had a cool prompting in priesthood meeting today.  One of the elders is really struggling and I felt that I should write him a note to encourage him.  I hope that it helped him.  In a fireside today we learned about specific prayers and I decided that me and my companion were going to pray for help in speaking only in Spanish to each other so that we could be prepared to teach a lesson in Spanish.  It is going to be really difficult, but I think it will be fun too.
I was told the the B stood for baptism...but I don't believe it.

August 18, 2014
            Today was interesting.  I had a lot of weird Levi moments today.  I lost my temper a tiny bit with the zone leader who has decided that he is the authority on which rules matter and which one don’t.  He’s decided that exact obedience means obeying exactly the rules he wants to obey and ignoring ones like lights out at 10:30.   Garrison you were right that it is kinda tough for me to take advice from people like this. Today he got ticked off when me and some other elders were studying verbs and quizzing each other.  He stomped out of the room leaving his companion behind.  He won’t sing with the group at all and then he says he feel like he is left out. I am not sure how to handle this kind of situation. 
Elder Walker
Elder Sandberg
August 19, 2014
            Today is my first P-day and the only day that we are allowed to take pictures which is too bad.  I tried to get a little variety so that you could see what it is like for me here. 
I tried to get this picture of the living conditions outside of the CCM...quite a contrast.

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