Wednesday, October 1, 2014

First full week in Chile

September 24, 2014
         I am not understanding much more and it is definitely holding me back. We talked to some cool people, the coolest of who was a less active man who wants to stop smoking and come back to church. I am feeling the spirit while I teach and learning to follow the promptings better.

September 25, 2014

         Today was awesome! We had tons of craziness happen!  The first thing was a lady who just stopped us on the street and asked for our help.  She heard that the missionaries help anyone who needs it. She asked us to help them build a house.  The coolest ting is that we are going to actually get to do it!  We contacted most of the day, doing door to door. We had 4 successful contacts in a row.  We were knocking on some doors when we found a sister who needed a blessing, but I didn’t know how to do it in Spanish.  It made me want to learn and prepare myself better. The beautiful thing about white washing and area is that you know nothing and all your time is spent contacting and finding people.

         I had one of the hotdogs that Parker told me about and I have to say..not that impressed.  My companion asked if I liked them and he was so enthusiastic that I had to say yes.  They aren’t that good to be honest.

September 26, 2014

         Today was pretty fun.  We got up and went contacting at the bus stops and the 4th person we taught, my freaking companion left me alone to talk to a Chileno!! I was soooooo lost, but I was still able to give the woman a pamphlet and it was good.

         Tonight, we ran into a less active family and had a good lesson with them.  One of the daughters is a little snakey, but whatever.  We taught another woman tonight and she is excited about our message. This is the second time that I have taught this woman and it is exciting to go back and teach someone who actually wants to hear our message.

         The elders in our house are the BEST guys.  We have 6 here. Me, my companion – Elder Soulier, Elder Whitmore, Elder Chavez (who knows 0 english), Elder Velasquez (who knows a little English), and his companion Elder Kimball.  The last two elders are the zone leaders.  They are the freaking best leaders and I am so lucky to be in the same house with them.  We have a zone activity the next p-day and we are going to an interactive museum together.

September 27, 2014

         We were able to teach 4 lessons today and I am starting to understand more and participate a little.  We had a really great lesson with a less active family.  I love to feel the spirit as we teach and I love working here!

September 28, 2014

         Today was the first Sunday here in Chile.  I was NOT able understand ANYONE at all!  Nothing.  Nada.  Haha.  On top of that, I was dead tired after working so hard all week.  I may or may not have dozed off in church.  We had an open house at the church and it was AWESOME.  Elder Soulier and I taught “the baptism” room all night (4 hours) and we had some great experience.  The most fun thing was getting to know the youth of the ward.  I already have a good rapor with the youth and I am doing well with the adults too.  I love it here and this has been the best possible first week I could have ever imagined.

September 29, 2014

         I had the most awkward lesson EVER.  It was good despite being awkward.  We walked in the house and the first thing that I saw  was straight up porn on the wall.  I admit to freaking out a little on the inside, but remained calm and turned to face the other wall where I found, MORE porn….gahhhh!!!!  Without freaking out too much, I tried another wall and luckily there was a picture of….JESUS.  Not kidding.  Boy was that weird for me.  As the end of the lesson I straight up told our investigator that he should take the porn down and he agreed to do it.  I felt ridiculously uncomfortable the whole time though (Jesus was making sure that I was looking at him though so I was okay.)

September 30, 2014

         Today was a long day.  I now understand all of the times when Garrison and Taylor would write about long days.  We had a district meeting and that was pretty great despite the fact that it was at least a mile each way of walking.  Then I went on splits with Elder Whitmore and every single appointment fell through.  We walked probably a total of 10 miles today because we just went from reference to reference and failed.  One of the last things that happened was a crazy lady who ranted at us for at least 30 minutes straight.  I wasn’t even trying to talk to her because I could barely understand her.  What I understood was that she left the church 2 years ago because of something that a bishop did.  My companion (Elder W) kept trying to talk to her and kept getting interrupted.  Eventualmente yo le dije, “Herman escuche a me companero por favor.” Finalmente ella cerro su boca.  (sorry, the transcriber does not know how to place accents or enyas.) I was so glad to be done with that.  We then got churrascos and they are like philly cheese steaks with mayo, tomato, and avocado.  It was crazy delicious after a hard day. 

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