Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Last week of Training

December 4, 2014

         Today was another really great day.  We did have to do stupid morning contacts which do absolutely nothing but waste our time, but our next appointment was with a little German/Chilean lady whom I love.  She chewed us out because we were a little late, but I love the fact that she is punctual because NO ONE else in this country is. Our miracle of the day was with a young 19 year old kid.

Miracle #73: This kid just walked up to us in the street and told us that he wanted to learn about our church.  We took down his address and we were able to teach him in the house of a member that lived nearby.  He was really interested in what we taught. We had a very spiritual lesson with him.

Before insanity
After insanity - I LOVE it!
December 5, 2014

         Today was another nice day.  We had some good service that gave me blisters and was a great workout in addition to insanity.  We had lunch with I. today for the second time and it was fun talking to his family and trying not to look at his daughter (the one who makes me forget my Spanish).  We got into two new homes today which makes 5 for the week.  Our miracle happened today when one of the youth of the ward went with us to contact a  young man named L.

Miracle #74: L. wasn’t home at the time of our visit, but as we walked back we recognized L. riding a bike and we were able to talk to him.  We were able to make an appointment to help him do some painting tomorrow.

         I met Elder O. brother who got permission to come and do divisions with Elder O.  The coolest part was that he literally did not believe that I still haven’t finished my training yet.  I have been working so hard on my Spanish fluency that it is gratifying to know that it is paying off.

December 6, 2014

         Today was soooo bad.  First off we  walked for hours and hours today.  It was awful. 

Miracle #75: It wasn’t very hot today.

         Our day started with a service project at 9:30 that was ove a mile walk and the project failed.  We then did a workout and studied until the service project with our contact from yesterday.  That was also another mile walk and it turned out that they didn’t really have much for us to do.  We just basically visited with the family for way too long.  Then we walked back to the house and finished our studies before going on divisions.  This was another mile walk at least to another sector where I walked around for 2 hours trying to make contact with less active members.  Man what a long day… and to top it off, we were fasting.

December 7, 2014

         Today was only slightly less sucky than yesterday.  First off, Elder Colvin is not a happy camper when he is fasting. Elder S. might as well have been dealing with a PMSing sister. I was ticked all day pretty much.  The only time I was okay was during the 2 lessons that we taught.  After Church today there was a baptism but Elder B. goofed up and overflowed the font. That turned out to be the best part of my day. My miracle occurred during the First Presidency Christmas Broadcast.

Miracle #76: I was able to practice the piano for 25 minutes while the stake presidency tried to figure out how to get the audio feed working on the broadcast.

         After they figured it out, we listened to 1 talk and then had to leave because it was already 10:45.

December 8, 2014

         Hoy fue bueno! We got into 2 new houses today to show the church’s new Christmas video, “El es la Dadiva”.  I had a great time.  Our miracle was just cool.

Miracle #77: We walked past a group of socializing women and decided to go back and talk to them.  They let us come in and they watched the Christmas video with us. It was great!

         We had a ridiculously fun night tonight. The funniest thing was when we were in the street and some of the kids who hand out at night wanted to talk in English.  They wanted us to teach them a phrase in English so Elder O. came up with the best idea.  He taught them to say “Baptize me!”  It was hysterical having the kids running all around us yelling, “Baptize me!”

         Also we decided to hang all of the ties that we bought in the shape of a Christmas tree.  Then we bought lights and strung them on the tree.  Elder B, C, S and I surprised our zone leaders by lighting candles and singing a Christmas song as they walked in the door.  It was fun.

Christmas Tie-Tree
Our "tree" with lights
December 9, 2014

         Good day today! 4 lessons, 1 argument, 1 make-up session, 1 companionship inventory.  Yep, a pretty interesting day.

Miracle #78: We passed by an investigator’s house who is rarely home and he was actually there.  We taught a lesson and set an appointment for a return lesson.

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