Monday, July 27, 2015

Forward Progress with Elder Furner

July 15, 2015

       Today was a good p-day….finally.  Being with Elder F. feels really weird in a good way because it seems like we are just on a very long division.  We finally got our room all set up and it so legit.  Today we just bought some stuff for cooking as a companionship on weekly planning days.  

I had a really good time just talking with Elder F. all day long.  Even though he had a good comp in his last change, today he told me that he feels like he is working better with me than he was before.  I sure do reciprocate that sentiment and it is nice to have a comp. who actually seems to like working with me.  We also teach well together and I feel really excited about the missionary work in this sector.

Miracle #295: We had not 1, not 2, but THREE burgers today.  One was a fish burger, and 2 were hamburgers from 2 different less active members. Mmmmm

       The funny part of the day was when the califont (water heater) ran out of batteries so we couldn’t take a warm shower.  Hermano Perez, the member we live with, started flipping out about it because he felt so badly about us having to take cold showers.  The nearest store is about 5 minutes away, but I think that he was only gone about 2 minutes.  HOLY COW, by the way he reacted, you would have thought that his house was on fire and he had to get the hose.  I really love this family that I live with.

July 16, 2105

       Today was another stellar day.  This morning we had another good lesson with R., the ex-drug dealer.  He has stopped selling drugs and feels a ton more calm about his life.  His family really likes me, which has helped me feel better about my situation.  In the afternoon we had a stake young men’s activity where the kids of the stake left with the missionaries from 3:30-8:30.  Elder F. and I are really cheap, so instead of taking public transportation, we just walked all the way to our sector.  We walked a TON and we also taught a TON of lessons today.  The member kid that we got died with all the walking and the work.  I forgot how well conditioned we are as missionaries to doing this work.  By the end of the day, this poor kid sweated through his suit.  I think that we walked around 20 km today.

Miracle #296: Despite losing 3 hours of our day to the youth activity, we had 4 good lessons and 3 divisions.

       The fun part of the day was probably making cookies with Elder F. while planning for the week.  We then took the cookies to our lunch appointment as our dessert where the members made fun of them….until they tried them.  Chileans suck at making cookies.  I think that gringos are the kings of desserts.

July 17, 2015

       T’was another marvelous day!  Elder F. and I are killing it in this sector.  We started this day with a not-so-great morning contacts, but had an incredible rest of the day.  We spent the morning finishing our weekly planning session and putting our area books together (combining them).  We also made pizza pockets at the same time!  After a really really late lunch, we got so tired that we almost crashed but them we finally hit the streets. ALL of our lessons were good, but one of them stood out above the rest and it was once again with M. 

Miracle #297: We desparately searched for a man to go with us to our lesson with M. (since she is a single woman), but we couldn’t find anyone. The miracle is that when we got to her house to tell her that we would have to reschedule, there was a man in the house so we were able to teach.

       There were a lot of fun parts of the day today, but probably the funniest thing happened during the morning contacts.  We walked past  R’s house and the light was on so we yelled “R., wake up!” Then as we walked away we heard him yell back, “I hate you!”  Another fun thing is that we met a new dog friend today who likes to run in front of us…I named him Toyota, you know, like a 4-runner.

July 18, 2015

       Well I guess that 5 killer days in a row was just too much to ask.  Today was only a good day.  We had to do a new morning routine because another missionary in the house complained about us doing our exercises too late in the morning.  We actually get up an hour and a half before he does, but he doesn’t like the time that we choose to do our exercise.  We thought that it would be more thoughtful of us to do our quiet studies early so that we didn’t wake the other missionaries, and then exercise when they are getting ready in the morning.  But I guess that they would rather us do it the other way around.

Miracle #298: We got through an entire lesson with 2 very active boys.  It was definitely a battle, but we won.

       The funny part of the day was probably when one of the little boys played a joke on me that ended up with me getting kicked in a very sensitive place. Another fun part of the day was when we talked with a very respectful Jehovah’s Witness.  This is the second time that this has happened on my mission and it is really a nice experience because usually they are very rude to us missionaries.

July 19, 2015

       Today was a hard Sunday because our strongest investigators didn’t go to church today. Ughh!  We even left to look for people before church and after sacrament meeting we tried again to find them.  We walked well over a mile and NO ONE was home.  It was super disappointing to get your hopes up when people promise to come to church and then have them dashed as you call at their door and realize that they aren’t going to leave. #missionarysadness.  Other than that, I gave a talk today about the need for missionary work and it turned out okay. The rest of our day was a bit slow, but overall it was another good day.

Miracle #299: V. read all three of the chapters in The Book of Mormon that we asked her to.  She says that she never wanted to read before, but now that she is reading, she loves it.

       The fun part of the day was getting tons of food from members.  A lot of it is really bad for you, but we have figured out how to turn down food without being rude.  Elder F. and I are having a good time working together.  We make fun of each other in a happy way. 

July 20, 2015

       Today was zone conference.  We learned a lot but we went hungry and didn’t get out of the conference until 6:00.  All of our other plans fell through today and we just had to contact for a few hours and then have a family home evening.

Miracle #300:  Carlos and Hermano Perez went through our list of members that we need to visit and cleaned it up for us.

       The fun part of the day was telling stories with Elder F. all day long.  I really appreciate my new companion, he is a great missionary.
Elder Furner's morning contact hairstyle.

July 21, 2015

       Today started with contacts in the subway (not my favorite) and then with divisions with the district leaders.  I say DLs because we have 2 of them now.  They are a companionship and they are all right I guess. I didn’t really want to go on divisions because things are going great in my sector right now.  My district leader did not want to speak to me in Spanish, which was weird for me. Also it was weird because the members just gave us money for lunch today. Then it got even weirder when the DL took me to lunch at a place where the sister missionaries were also eating.  So we ate lunch with the sister…2 elders, 2 sisters…ughhh not super comfortable with that.

Miracle #300: I was able to convince my DL to let me do my personal study even though he didn’t want to do it, and I learned a ton.

       The funny part of the day was realizing how uncomfortable it made me to be around girls.  
       One of the best parts of the day today was finding out that ONE OF MY INVESTIGATORS FROM MY TIME WITH LEÓN IS GETTING BAPTIZED!!!!!

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