Saturday, October 24, 2015

Bike Frustions

October 14, 2015
         Today was a chill p-day.  We cleaned the rest of the house.  Somehow the entire kitchen had a film of sticky oily stuff covering it.  After writing and shopping, we ate and took a nap (1 hour for my comp and 30 minutes for me)  My comp got his haircut and when we got back he took another 1 ½ hour nap while I got to workout really hard.  When we went back to work (on time), I went out in just my short sleeve shirt with was funny because it was around 50 degrees and raining (and we didn’t have an umbrella.)
Miracle #401: I learned that my wrecked shoes are under warrantee and I will be able to get a new pair.
         I’m really grateful for my companion, because he listens to my advice and when there is a problem, he doesn’t shut down when there is a problem that needs to be corrected. We resolved to improve together.  I am working on my tact and teaching as a team, but I am getting better.  It is funny how my biggest mission problems aren’t the normal ones like language difficulties, invitations, contacting, obedience, etc.  I realized that most of my problems revolve around not playing well with my companions.
October 15, 2015
         Today was really a fun day of divisions.  I felt my sector and went out with Elder Ware.  We had a really fun time talking, but most of the day was just spent contacting door to door.  It was quite entertaining to talk to Elder Ware in English and contact immediately in Spanish.  Elder Ware is hilarious and we just had a good time all day long.  It is pretty funny because he was my DL for a while, but we never got to do legit divisions because our division day was spent in the house when we were both sick.  This time we actually worked and I have to say that it was one of the better days of my mission. He gave me a few tips on being a DL that will really help me.
Eating lunch as a district.  The sisters made the meal which was nicaraguan food.
Miracle # 402: I have a great district of missionaries who don’t really have any issues.
         The funny part of the day was sharing mission stories.  We both had the same companion and had the same problem with him which helped me to realize that it wasn’t all my fault that I struggled with him.  Elder Ware is a super humble and patient guy, but he had the same feelings that I did when he was with the same elder that I struggled with.  As I reflect back on what I have learned during my mission from Elder Ware, I am really fortunate to have known him.  Despite all the really hard times, I have learned a lot of stuff that I wouldn’t trade.
October 16, 2015
         Today was pretty fun.  We had a fun service project that was basically just organizing a cluttered warehouse of medical supplies.  We were given awful instructions so in the end we just started throwing boxes up on industrial shelves.  I loved climbing up and down the shelves a million times!  We enjoyed ourselves, but by the time we got done, it was way late and we still had to shower and plan for the day.  It took a while to hit the streets.
Miracle #403:  The A. family was different today because they payed 100% attention and sincerely wanted to do the work that we left for them to do.
         The funny part of the day was when my companion’s back wheel basically turned into spaghetti. (think jelly car tires) It was awful and he had to ride it for like 10 km afterward.  I’m convinced something went down yesterday while I was gone.  I wasn’t in the best mood in the world today, but it was still a good day.  We had to ride really slowly for my comp’s bike, so I was even able to memorize a ton of scriptures as we rode along.  I feel really worn out tonight.
I had to replace this horrible bike seat (for obvious reasons) with a more comfortable one.
October 17, 2015
         Today was interesting. Because of my companion’s broken back rim, we didn’t work at all again this morning.  I got so frustrated, that I left my comp to change the rim.  It took him a while but in the end, he got the job done and he had a really big sense of accomplishment and I was kindof proud of him.  We got a really tiny lunch and therefore we were super hungry all day long. It really stinks being hungry all the time, but that’s what happens when you are 19 years old, and work out all the time, and don’t get fed.   Most of the day today was just spent contacting and we found some really cool new people.
Miracle #404: After taking a short nap, I felt a million times better and was able to work the rest of the day.  I was a ton happier all day.
         The funny part of the day was helping out a member with a blessing and then afterwards helping her son with his English (he is a translator) It was funny because they had candy on the table that we ate.  My comp especially loved it, and it helped us get through the day.
October 18, 2015
         So it turned out that the funny part of the day yesterday wasn’t so funny for the family.  Their non-member father got PISSED at us yesterday (not when we were there) because apparently we offended him by eating his candy.  The Relief Society President talked to us and chastised us.  That irritated me because we only went there to help them out and because they asked us to come.  Now we have to go back and apologize. 
Miracle #405: For the first time in basically my entire mission, I participated in a useful meeting with an actual ward mission leader.  The ward is going to make calendars to accompany us. I am excited.
          The funny part of the day was in the end of the day when we had to decide between contacting and going to a birthday party that we were invited to.  When I asked my comp what he wanted to do, he immediately opted for the party. Honestly, I wanted to go too, but it is kind of a waste of time, so I was on the fence.  It turned out to be a good choice because we got to know the family better.  Tonight I had to make the calls for DL.
October 19, 2015
Today we had division with Elder Valle and his kid. After a rainy morning of not-so-fun contacts, we had not-so-great lunch which consisted of undercooked noodles and beans.  The noodles were all stuck together and hard, while the beans were the texture of peanuts.  After that super delicious treat, we went up to actually do the division and we showed up on time, but then we sat there waiting for nearly an hour.  The day was so rainy that we couldn’t ride bikes so we just walked.  It was kind of lame.  We did have fun climbing a hill to cross over to another part of the sector. (normally we go around)
Miracle #406: We had a first lesson with a golden investigator who read The Book of Mormon that we gave her.
The funny part of the day was when I was walking along and I failed to notice a puddle that turned out to be ankle deep.  I had wet feet all day long.
October 20, 2015
         Today was both really bad and really good. It was great because m bike broke down again.  I snapped the handlebar in half.  It was so rusty that when I pulled on it, it just broke off, causing me to run into a bush.  I was so pissed.  I really thought that nothing more could possible go wrong on my bike.  Once again, I fixed my bike and afterwards started working on the area book again.  Every time I work on it, it get a little bit better, and I think it is close to being really good.
Broken handle bars, rusted through, snapped right in half.
Miracle #407: We went to apologize for eating all of that family’s candy, and they weren’t even angry about it.
         The funny part of the day really was the whole bike situation.  As frustrating as it is, it is also hilarious.  In other good news, I got a package from home for Halloween.  I also have no self control, when it comes to candy and beef jerky.  I have already almost finished my Junior Mints! Other than care packages, I eat really healthy foods which when combined with exercise has helped me to become super fit on my mission.  This is something that makes me super happy.
Foods in my frig

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