Thursday, October 15, 2015

Transfer to Portezuelo

There was a strong breez (with elder jones)
September 30, 2015
            Today was a pretty rough pday.  We didn’t go anywhere so we sat in the house.  My comp was pissed all day long and just spewed BS that I ignored all together.  Today was MY pday and I worked out, studied extra, and threw in an extra nap in the afternoon.  My comp was under the impression that all of the pdays that we have done were my choice….seriously frustrating since 5 of the 7 we have been together we have done what he wants to do.  Anyway, my comp ran out of money (typical of all Latin comps I have had) so we had to leave to take out more. 
Miracle #387: The Primary president and her daughter accidentally locked themselves out of their house so they happened to be in the street when we passed by.  They had nothing else to do, so they went visiting with us and it went very well.
            The funny part of the day was probably going out with a member and TRYING to teach the restoration.  The member talked so so so much and never testified not did he let us testify.  Elder Corbo got ticked but I just let it slide and moved on.  I was really proud of my patience with my really grumpy comp today. The other thing that happened today is that my old bishop, Bishop Cifuentes, came and visited for lunch.  He had a dream that I was going to be transferred and he wanted to see me before that happened.  It was nice to see him again. 
Jolie the dog and one of my favorite families (perez sotelo)
October 1, 2015
            Well today was another overall decent day.  This morning we had a rough visit with R. where I decided that whether I stay or leave, we are going to have to stop passing by.  After that, Elder Corbo confessed in our weekly planning that he genuinely ‘hates” me and that this has been the worst time of his mission.  All I said in return (and I actually said it calmly) was that I didn’t hate him and that it hasn’t even been close to the worst time of my mission.  I told him that I learned tons from being his companion that I am thankful for.
Miracle # 388: We went to a future investigator who we didn’t visit when we were supposed to.  She remembered the appointment so I felt badly, but the miracle was that she set up a new appointment with us.
             The funny part of the day was just running into 2 investigators in the street randomly.  It was funny because these two people don’t know each other but were walking down the street together when we ran into them.  We also got invited to dinner and my comp wanted to go, so I just rolled with it.  I couldn’t get him out of the dinner appointment and we ended up getting home 20 minutes late.  I was ticked.  I am supposed to let people/companions make their own decisions, but when it affect me too, it is really really hard to do.  I will just have to figure it out if I stay here another transfer.
October 2, 2015
            Today has been a little sucky.  This morning we went to a cita and it fell through.  My comp and I got into an argument where he was intentionally trying to irritate me.  It didn’t work very well because I just have learned how to not let things bother me like they used to. He is really helping me get a hold of my anger a LOT more.  I have still been letting him be the big boss man of the sector and it’s not working so well, but I haven’t criticized him and I don’t plan to.  The miracle of the day was pretty lame because it didn’t really help that much, but is showed that someone cares and sometimes that is all that you need to get through the day.
Miracle # 389: The other elders did a house inventory with us and really tried to help us out.  It was a nice gesture which I appreciated.
            The funny part of the day was calling president to let him know that we have to leave the mission boundaries to take my comp to an eye exam.  Prior to this call, I hadn’t written the president for a couple of weeks, but then yesterday I wrote him a long email.  Unfortunately, I messed up the address and sent the email to myldsmail instead of ldschurch, so he hadn’t received my email this week.  He chewed me out, but when I explained the situation he just laughed and said, “Dang it, so close! Well some Elder Cook is going to have a really weird email this week.”  We got a good laugh out of it.
October 3, 2015
            Today was decent.  It started with an early morning visit to the eye doctor for my comp.  He has to use glasses for reading now.  After finding out that he needed +1.00 glasses, we went to interviews with the president where we learned that we both are going to get “assignments.”  I am going to leave the sector and be a district leader with a missionary that is just finishing his training, in a zone where I have never been.  I was a little bit bummed.  My two bits of advice from the president were judge less and calm down. 
Miracle #390: We got my comp his glasses and they have fixed his headaches.  Maybe that will help him to be happier.
            The funny part of the day was either trying and failing to stay awake in general conference, or playing darts with Steven (the kid who is getting baptized next week.)  I learned a lot in general conference despite sleepiness. I keep feeling like I am missing something.  I know that I need to humble myself and ask for the Lord’s help and forgiveness a lot more than I already do.
October 4, 2015
            Today was a long day of packing and general conference with very little times for much else.  My comp is completely sick of me and won’t take any last minute advice so in the street he got pissed at me this morning.  He was trying to argue with me about our new investigator M. who he has no faith is sincere. I told him that I thought she would go to conference, but he is sure that she won’t.
María at general conference.
Miracle #391: My hopes were realized when M. was ready to go when we passed by to get her for conference. Even though she appears to be a snake, her interest in the gospel is undeniable.  She told me that she wishes that she would have learned the gospel sooner in life so that she could have been a missionary.  She is awesome.
            The funny part of the day was when Elder T. invited M. to come to their baptism and she thought he was asking her if she wanted him to baptize her.  She said, “No, my baptism is going to be in November.”  That was cool for us because that means that she remembers her commitment and is sticking to it!  Another funny part of the day was  when the other elders filled the font they screwed up by thinking that they were turning the water off when really they turned it all the way to cold and left it.  Of course it overflowed and flooded the church.  There was a little panic and a LOT of mopping.  It was funny.  After that I got chewed out by the bishopric for doing their job in preparing for the baptisms next week.  Yeah it wasn’t very pleasant. I did their job because they I needed to make sure that it got done before I leave on Tuesday. 
 The dying missionary Elder Ahlstrom.
October 5, 2015
            Well today was the last day in this sector and it was so inconvenient.  My comp had to go to the new trainers meeting because he is going to be training a new missionary (bless this sector.)  My comp has not learned how to get around this sector at all because he just doesn’t try.  Today was a lot of goodbyes and especially awkward with our investigator M.  She gave me 2 hugs as we were getting ready to take pictures…my first real snake.  Good thing that I am leaving.
Saying goodbye to the Perez Guzman fanily.
familia cortez rubio
my flaite friend
Miracle #392: We had a really good last lesson with M who is committed to study and prayer in preparation for her baptism.
            The funny and really annoying part of the day was when the ZLs who are in a trio, asked us who also are in a trio since Ahlstrom went home, if we could do a division with them because one of them is sick and needs to stay in the house while the other two wanted to say their goodbyes.  It was annoying because we got home super late and I still had to pack.  Luckily the ZL gave us money to take a taxi back to the house and we made it home just a little late. 
Add caption
byes to Maria
Violeta and Jorge
Vera Flores family
perez sotelo
October 6, 2015
            I remind myself all the time that the mission isn’t real life. Today I got to my new sector (Portezuelo) and my new house is a little box attached to a members house.  My new comp is Elder Martinez from Uruguay.   My district has elders who I have lived with before and their trainees. (Elder Ware and Elder Valle), and also two sisters.
Miracle #393: My mission dream came true!  I got into the one of the 4 bike sectors in the mission.  This sector is huge! Too bad the bikes are all broken.
            Yep my bike is broken so we walked for about 2 ½ hours just chatting and getting to know each other.  My companion is pretty chill and nice.  You can tell that he is a new missionary, but he is stellar.  I am officially what is called a greenie breaker in the mission, but we are also so co-district leaders.  This tells me that he is a good missionary (usually) so I am excited to work with him.  Our house was a pigsty when I arrived.  The kitchen was the most disgusting I have seen and the rooms also need help.  My comp actually suggested taking some of our pday to clean it….whoopeee!  It is worth it to have a clean living space.  We ate so much today, that I think I might get fatter here unless we get our bikes fixed.  Tomorrow we are going to at least get the bikes functional so that we can ride them on Thursday.
Oh how I have missed the great outdoors!

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