Monday, June 29, 2015

Adjustment phase

June 3, 2015
         Today was a lame p-day.  My companion just wanted to sleep all day so I ended up studying and getting to know the members we live with better. I am definitely going to be the energy of this companionship.  I really thing that my new comp is a great guy, but I am not so sure he has the drive to serve a mission.  He has had a hard life in Peru and he doesn’t have anyone who writes him.  I feel for the guy and want to help him out in some way.
Miracle #253: In this new missionary house, we have a HOT shower!!! In my other house, we had a shower, but it was only occasionally lukewarm at best.
         The funny part of the day didn’t exist.
June 4, 2015
         Today was long and boring. I ended up contacting most of the day in order to get it done.  My comp is super laid back, and low on energy.  As we were doing the street contacts, I came to realize that EVERYONE in this sector opens their doors for us.  It is great.  Plus, they are all home by 5 pm.
Miracle #254: In a couple of hours of contacting here, I can do more than I could in days in los cardinos. 
         I found it funny how clueless my comp is about this area.  We will be trying to fin a house of a member and he has to call another elder in the sector for help.  I am going to memorize the streets ASAP because I don’t like the feeling of being constantly lost. 
June 7, 2015
         Today was hard.  Elder R. has zero initiative.  Even if he had the best of intentions, he doesn’t follow through.  Most of today was at least entertaining at church.  First off, I was/am the ward pianist.  The keyboard is old school and has the cheesy built in buttons that put a beat in with the melody.  As I was getting ready to play the closing hymn, I accidentally switched the setting and when I hit the first note, and 80’s rock beat filled the chapel for a few seconds.  We all felt evangelical.
Miracle #257: I was able to clean up our area book today so that it is presentable. 
         A funny part of today was getting a lot of flack from the old members of the ward about my haircut.  They think that it is too ghetto. Oh well, it will grow.  We did a ton of contacting today.  I am averaging about 28 people/day in this area. It is great!
June 8, 2015
         I am having a hard time with my new comp.  He hates my initiative and generally hates his life.  He got so pissed at me today that he called me a MF in English.  Basically all I want to do is to do the work and not walk in random circles.  He doesn’t want to contact or teach, and only wants to walk slowly around an area that he does not know. He is 100% disinterested in the message that we are sharing and his comments are just off the wall.  It is HARD.
Miracle #258: I gave out 3 Book of Mormons and 13 pamphlets today.  I contacted a total of 39 people today.
         The funniest part of today was realizing how easy it is to not get distracted by a beautiful girl if they are holding a screaming baby.
June 9, 2015
         Today was pretty good.  99% of the reason it was good was because we did divisions.  The zone leaders called us this morning telling us that we had divisions.  I am not sure who told them that we aren’t doing too well, but I don’t mind a break.  This was the second time where I was basically told that my comp was a huge challenge and I need to keep working on it.  I think that my president is giving me another test and this time I really don’t want to fail. I figure that I must be in the pool of hard companions else why would I get paired with them. 
Miracle #259: We found a super receptive less active member wile contacting door to door.
         The funniest part of the day today was a contact we did with a grandma and her granddaughter.  We asked her if we could visit  and she made the typical excuses that she was never in the house and she was always busy.  But the little girl chimed in and said, “Grandma you are lying. You are always in the house!”  It was hilarious how this little girl kept calling her out.  In the end, she finally said that we could come back to teach her.
June 10, 2015
         Today was good. Instead of going bowling with the zone, we stayed home and just made food as a house.  The purpose was to help the struggling companionships to grow closer together.  We all ended up having a better day.  We didn’t really work hard, but we talked and had a good time. 
 Miracle #260: The other missionaries are helping me and my companion to get along better.
         The fun part of the day was when the entire house decided to do ab ripper together.  The other missionaries absolutely died.  This is one of the hardest workouts that I have been doing for about 3 months.  Everyone wants to try to do this workout as a group 3 times a week.  I am up for it!

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