Tuesday, August 25, 2015

One Year Out.

August 12, 2015
Today was a blast! I got over a few issues with my comp and now I really like the guy. (There is hope for me). We started the day by doing Crossfit.  I kill the stuff that uses body weight, but when we get to actually have to add weights, I am terrible.
Miracle #322: My companion got a 60 pound care package of candy today from his family (no exaggeration). They literally filled a suitcase with candy.  This is his Chilean family here in Santiago.

         After Crossfit, we went to visit with Elder B. family/cousins.  It was a really fun visit and he has some very attractive female cousins who live in Utah. The last fun thing that I did today was cook empanadas with one of our families to celebrate my one year baptism anniversary!
 August 13, 2015
         I just finished a year of my mission.  Holy Cow!!! Well today was a great day of division with Elder Diaz.  He is actually a gringo and he was in my house in pensamientos.  He was with me at my 6 month mark and now at my year mark.  I don’t even care about telling about the day other than the fact that ALL day long I wore an autographed shirt on under my jacket.  It was fun.

Miracle #323: We had 3 contact lessons and they weren’t even lame.
         As a crazy, but fun tradition, I burned a shirt today marking my anniversary.  Now for the special part of my day, I spent some time thinking of 15 miracles for the first year of my mission.  Miracles #324-339:
·      I love the people here with all my heart.
·      I am gradually becoming a more patient person.
·      I haven’t yet had any assignment here in the mission (not sure if that is a good thing or not, but it is very unusual.)
·      One of my comps actually became my best friend. (Elder White)
·      I have never had a real “snake” pursue me.
·      What others think about me has stopped bothering me. (Other elders think I am a moron.)
·      No one has robbed me, although I have been offered many joints.
·      My motivation to work is still strong.
·      I can now get up early (by myself) by at least an hour and a half before the other missionaries are up.  It is my favorite time to study.
·      I haven’t been bitten by a dog.
·      I am now bilingual!
·      I have actually LOST weight on the mission.
·      I learned to love the scriptures
·      I haven’t experienced a major earthquake.
·      My Dad went from being incapacitated due to his cancer…to being able to WATERSKI!
 August 14, 2015
         Today was really rough.  I stayed up way too late last night talking to Elder Diaz and I still got up at 6:00.  Because of that, I was wiped out all day long.  One of our lessons was rather boring, so I fell asleep ( I have got to stop doing that!) All of our “sure” citas fell through which wasted a fair amount of time. This morning we did morning contacts and I am almost ashamed to admit that I contacted super attractive women.  Hey, they need the gospel too!  Most of the missionaries just don’t contact the cuties, and I agreed with their premise, but today, well I just didn’t have that problem.
Miracle #340: Elder White called me today to just to see how I was doing at the year mark.  I really love that guy.
August 15, 2015
         My comp had a rough day today.  He was low on energy and enthusiasm.  He also might be irritated with me, but I am not sure why or what I can do about it.  I am hoping that my personality is leveling out a bit.  I have been really working on being steady and consistent. 
         Today we didn’t work with the greatest urgency, but we were able to do service for some members who needed their roof replaced.  They have these ancient concrete blocks that they use for roofing here.  They are about one inch thick and poorly constructed.  No one replaces them until their house gets flooded. 
Miracle #341: J. accepted a baptismal date and it is one week before Elder White leaves. Elder White was the missionary who first contacted him.
         The funny part of the day was following up on a “great” reference given to us. Turned out that the guy was way drunk and just ripped us apart.  Being Americans didn’t help us either.  He was such a jerk to us, BUT, I did not lose my temper even a little bit and I kindof even impressed myself. This guy was a hopeless case, but his buddies actually started defending us.  I love being a missionary, but the life is so unpredictable and dependent on others, that I also really don’t like it.  Tomorrow is a new day.
August 16, 2015
         Today was pretty decent.  The morning was irritating when very few of the people we are teaching came to church.  He good news is that I finally feel settled into this ward.  The members all know me and I know them so that makes it nice. It is weird having a comp. who knows no one.  I had to set all of the divisions and stuff, but that doesn’t bother me to much.  Elder B. was ticked at me today for silly stuff and we had to work that out before going out to work. All of our issues were just stupid little things, but they were important to him and it was impeding the spirit, so we had to work them out.  We ended up having a pretty decent day.
Miracle #342: We taught a lesson where we essentially just visited for an hour joking around.  Even though it was not serious, we got a text tonight from the person that we taught saying that it was exactly what she needed today. 
         The funny part of the day was the lesson with S. The other funny part was watching a bunch of E. Blaser’s mission videos.  He did so many silly/dumb things. I honestly hate reporting numbers.  Whether good or bad, the numbers game just makes me uncomfortable.  This week they just happened to be really good numbers, but I still hate it.
August 17, 2015
         Well today was pretty good.  We got a really crazy call this morning telling us that Elder Blaser is leaving tomorrow.  Well, that lasted a long time.  Oh well. My new comp. is gonna be Elder Corbo.  He is supposed to be an awesome missionary from Argentina.  I met him one time before.  There is one definite advantage to being seen as a “problem/moron” in the mission, and that is that you get better companions.
         We had a fun district meeting today, and the rest of the day was filled with decent lessons.
Miracle #343: My companion prayed for an adventure as an answer we saw a dude get hit by a car and break his thumb. The real miracle was when we had an exceptionally good English lesson. 
         The funny part of the day was when our drug dealer investigator tried to make me jealous by giving Elder Blaser a tie. Yeah, …no.  In good news, I finished reading the New Testament AGAIN!  It is a great book!
August 18. 2015
         So I go my new comp today and he is a pretty cool guy. We had a pretty iffy first day because I was feeling off.  The lesson we had wasn’t too great,  but then we had a really pretty good experience during contacting.
Miracle #344:  A Peruvian guy let us come in to teach him and the lesson went really well.
         It feels good to have a real comp. again!  For the last week it just felt like I was on extended divisions, but I am feeling like I can get settled in now. Elder Corbo is going to kill my diet because he eats like crap.  He has about 6 months in the mission, and is a really nice, humble missionary.  He was skeptical about me inviting our investigator to be baptized in the first lesson, but I felt like I should, so I did.  Oh well, we will get used to each other. 

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