Tuesday, September 1, 2015

A Good Week

August 19, 2015
         Today was a pretty good p-day. We started it all off with an early morning trip to the temple that went really well.  We all went as a district and it was really fun.  The Subway was packed full and it was next to impossible to get on so at one point all 3 companionships of guys lost their companions.  
 After going to the temple, we went to the distribution center and I got a Book of Mormon in Portuguese.  After that, we went as a district to the SLOWEST internet café ever.  The last thing we did was a little Chilean BBQ where we all stuffed ourselves with pure grease.
Miracle #345:  Just being inside the temple again after so long was great.  I don’t know how my siblings went throughout their entire missions in Brazil without it.
         The funny part of the day is just helping my comps who is still so young in the mission that he has no clue what to do.  He reminds me of me when I was out for 6 months.  He’s a great guy and I think I am going to learn a lot with him.  I have unfortunately been feeling crappy all day long so sadly it was another off day.
August 20, 2015
         Today it is Elder Corbo’s turn to be a grump.  I realized today that I have grown up more than I have given myself credit for.  I really love my new companion, but I am having to learn how to adjust to his dry sense of humor.  We had a great day today visiting quite a few people and still had time to meet the bishop and do contacts.  Elder Corbo hates contacting at night, so he refused to do it.  I didn’t even get a little bit frustrated with him, which really surprised me.  I’ll just help him get better.
Miracle #346: Even though Corbo didn’t want to contact, he did it anyway, and it went really well.  The lady invited us back!
         The funny part of the day was visiting R. in the morning.  Just as we were starting to teach him, the cops paid him a visit.  He was told that he had to pay a fine or go to jail. It was definitely an adventure. 
August 21, 2015
         Today was a good day with my dry companion.  I really like him, but I can never tell when he is being serious or not.  We went to do morning contacts this morning and he had a decent time of talking with people who didn’t want to talk to him.  We had some fun visits today and I really think that the people we talked to are going to progress.  The craziest visit was with F., the English guy.  He kept trying to ask very deep questions and we kept trying to give him correct, but simple, answers.  I ended up just telling him that it all boiled down to the truthfulness of The Book of Mormon and that he would need to read it and find out for himself .
Miracle #347: Elder T. and I are finally getting along again after a few weeks of fights/arguments over wakeup time and exercising.
         The funny part of the day was when my comp checked out a transvestite…to his credit it was difficult to tell from a distance.  We do seem to have an unusually high number of transvestites here in this sector. 
         The best lesson that we taught today was a lesson where we read a talk called “Beware of Pride.”  We taught it to a lady who is struggling with this problem (aren’t we all), and she felt that this talk was written specifically for her.  It turned out to be a great message because she felt the need to change and improve herself. 
August 22, 2015
         Today was another great day!  We started the day off by visiting some old ladies.  One of them told us all about how her husband left her for other women, and the other lady told us all about how her family (that lives with her) never feeds her.  I didn’t believe much of what they told me, but my comp. is convinced that old people don’t lie.  They do though.
Miracle #348:  This afternoon we went to Darlyn’s baptism.  She was an investigator from Pensamienta who I found the first month that I was with Elder Leon. She has been waiting for 8 months to be baptized! 
All the missionaries in order who helped to teach Darlyn.
       The baptism was spectacular.  I was so happy to see the ward again and was honestly surprised that they remembered me.  I thought that due to the short amount of time I was there, that no one would remember me.  But, I was wrong.  Darlyn and her family and the other family that I taught both that they would never forget me and Elder Leon for being the first missionaries to teach them.  It was really great to be allowed to go to the baptism. In a lot of missions, the rules are that you can’t got back to your old areas for baptisms.  That is just so sad!  That is just one more reason that I am grateful for being here where I am serving. It is a kind of tough place to teach and be accepted, but I love it.
August 23, 2015
         Today was really busy with lots of visits to make. There really isn’t much to tell honestly.  Very few of the people that we teach came to church today and it was really depressing as usual.  No matter how hard you try and how much you love the people, they still don’t progress most of the time. There was an uncharacteristically good talk today in church, but they got cut off in the end because the meeting was running long.  It bummed me out. 
Miracle #349: We already have almost half of next week set up in our planner.
         The fun part of the day was watching Kite fighting.  This is a big big deal here in Chile.  There is a thread here that they use as a kite string that is called “hilo curado” or literally cured thread.  Basically it is a string dipped in glue and coated with powdered glass.  It is kind of like cheese wire in that it can literally decapitate people …so it is very illegal to use.  Of course, everyone uses it to cut the other person’s kite string.  I don’t know how they do it, but it is cool to watch. 
         The other funny part of the day was watching 2 drunk people screaming at each other.  I have honestly gotten to the point where drunkards are just a common everyday site.  My comp. still hates them….and old people.  UPDATE: I still can’t tell when my companion is being sarcastic.
August 24, 2015
         So I have decided that Elder Corbo is a ton like I was at 6 months out, only older.  He, like I used to, hates a ton of things about the mission and is constantly complaining.  He is also a good contacter and teacher, and honestly a very good missionary, but he needs to figure out how to humble himself.  We had a decent number of citas today, but my comp. kept telling me to not make the baptismal invitation.  He is having a hard time figuring out that THAT is what we do and is a huge part of being a missionary.
Miracle #350: R. didn’t go to jail and he is still trying to figure things out, and I still really love the guy.  I just want him to figure out how to make better decisions.
         The funny part of the day was this tiny little rat of a dog that was let out of a back room while we were teaching and it launched itself at Elder Corbo.  The fun part of the day was passing the calisthenics place and messing around on the bars with a big group.
August 25, 2015
         Well, today was kindof sucky.  We did our morning contacts and it was hard.  Then I had a terrible personal study time where I almost fell asleep.  After that was a super hard workout and then I finished off the morning by cleaning our room solo because my comp doesn’t care about cleaning. As I was finishing, a horrible headache hit me like I have never had before.  It lasted all through lunch and even just looking at a light made it feel like I had a pair of midgets behind my eyeballs using them as punching bags.  I had to sleep for around an hour and a half before I could go out to work.
Miracle #351: We had our first followup cita actually turn out today and it was with a lady who was sincerely interested in our message.
         Elder Corbo is still really pessimistic and shows no hope for the people here in our sector.  I just want him to quit being such a downer.  On the lighter side of things, during one of our lessons this little puppy kept running around humping with everything in the room.  The other funny part was when my comp. couldn’t stop watching a movie that was playing while we were teaching a lesson.  I am happy to report that I am FINALLY starting to be able to both stay awake in lessons, AND ignore a movie and do what I am supposed to be doing.  There is progress people!

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