Monday, March 21, 2016

Summer Cold Blues

March 2, 2106
    Today was a pretty productive p-day.  In the morning we decided not to go to the district activity and it turned out to be a good decision because Hermano Diaz came to fix our house.  it w hadn't been here we would not have had the place fixed up. I bought all f y food for the month except for my weekly fruit, so that was worthwhile.  I got in a killer 2 hour workout that destroyed me.  While Hermano Diaz was fixing our house, we has talking about how awful it would be when I got home and how nothing that I have planned would work out.  It was pretty entertaining. 

Miracle # 571: While teaching one of our young men, w got to know one of his friends who is interested in the gospel.
    The funny part of the day was probably at home in the evening when we put on some white noise to go to sleep to.  The waterfalls started and after about 5 minutes of that I had to get up to go pee.  We were laughing for a long time about that.  President told me to make sure that I ended up making friends with my companion in the end of our time together.  I consider him to be my friend, but I am not sure if he considers me to be his friend.  Right now we are having a lot of fun together, but we are not working very hard.  Tomorrow will be a waste of a day because I have to renew my visa for the second time.
March 3, 2106
    Today was a NIGHTMARE!  First, I woke up feeling sick with congestion and body aches.  Yesterday the zone leaders didn’t get me my visa package because they were having emergency transfers.  Elder Groen is going to be zone leader with Elder Corbo.  The ZL’s having to have special changes is very unusual, but the bottom line is that they didn’t get my package to me until this morning. It took almost 5 hours to get the visa stuff taken care of. 
Miracle #572: I was the first one done of the group of missionaries who were working on their visas. 
    There were several very funny parts of the day today.  The first was seeing the mission president from Santiago East mission.  We all hated him immediately.  He treated us and our mission with open disdain.  For example, he asked me a question to which I responded “Si-po” (a typical slang Chilean expression).  His response was complete disapproval and he openly voiced his disgust.  “Oh, so that is how your talk in Santiago South Mission?” The other funny part of the day was talking to a group of gringo exchange students for 2 reasons.  1. It was very strange to hear English swear words. 2. I realized that I can’t talk to anyone without turning the conversation to the gospel.  The last funny part of the day was when a woman stopped bus on the street today.  She yelled at us for an incident that happened with her kid and my companion about 2 weeks ago.  The little kid was playing in the street with his little bike and he rode right in font of my companion.  He didn’t fall down or appear hurt so we just kept going  Anyway, this lady was super mad at us and said, “You have to be careful of the kids.  The street is made for them to play in.”  Really, seriously, how can you reason with that.
March 4, 2016
    It really is hard to have a cold in the summer.  It is sucking all of my energy and excitement.  Other than that, today was pretty good.  This morning was unproductive, but we had fun anyway.  We did all of our studies, we just didn’t do them efficiently.  this morning my companion told me something really funny.  When he was younger, his friend asked I'm what kind of trainer he wanted in his mission and he told him that he wanted a strict, militar-esque gringo.  I guess he got what he asked for.  Our work day was interesting for sure.  Despite being late for lunch, it still wasn’t ready.  The sister missionaries were playing board games while they waited.  It was hard to muster up the energy to contact today, but we did it and found a really good person to teach.
Miracle #573: We got several youth to go to the mutual activity with us.  We almost doubled the attendance.
    The funny part of the day was probably getting to mutual, which is supposed to start at 8:00, at about 8:20 and being the first ones there.  We were supposed to give the spiritual message. Halfway through the class, we realized that the marker that I had been given to use on the board was NOT a dry erase marker, it was permanent!  The good news is that my handwriting was very neat.
March 5, 2016
    Today was pretty great.  This morning we got a call from the sisters who were having bike problems.  Last night we had to fix their tires and this morning they wanted to put more air in their tires so they went to fill them and accidentally let all of the air out.  They have presto valves and couldn’t figure out how to change the head on their pump.  GAH!!! After helping them, we went to contact in a feria an it was awful.  We went to lunch where I drank 3 liters o water and studied and then fixed our own bikes.
Miracle #574: A member went to visit S. with us and they became friends.  S. talked about how excited she was to be baptized on the 20th. 
    The fun part of the day today was going on our bicycle journey with a youth for our ward.  I don’t know how he did it, but he kept up with s extremely well.  The hilarious part of they day was after lunch when we got a giant bowl of ice cream for dessert.    I can’t turn down a treat when it is handed to me, but for some reason the family was out of the room for a minute which gave me the opportunity to dump my ice cream into the bowls of the other missionaries.  We all thought it was funny that the family had no idea what was going on.
March 6, 2016
    Well today was rough for me internally, but I didn't let that negatively affect our companionship.  The first internal conflict was when my comp. played down after lunch to take a nap.  At the time I didn’t know why (apparently he had a headache.)  I just let him rest and I did my personal studies in which I finished The Book of Mormon for the 5th time on my mission.  In the end of the day, I found out that my efforts to teach my companion to have a good work ethic haven’t been wasted, because he confessed to me the he felt awful for sleeping so long. I had another internal conflict when I had to refrain from taking control of a bad contacting situation so that my companion could gain some experience.
Miracle #575: Two of our investigators went to church today.
    The funny part of the day was the lunch that we were served.  It was fast Sunday and we were starving when we went to lunch.  Unfortunately we were served 2 hotdogs and a half of an avocado…not very filling.  
March 7, 2016
    Today was the first day of week 11 in a 12 week training program.  The new missionary is supposed to lead the sector during week 11.  Honestly, my companion has been practically leading the sector for the past week, but officially leading the sector just freaks him out.  Today he just kind fell short of everything because of feeling pressure to perform.  I just tried to be positive and do whatever he wanted to do.  I did wake up angry though because last night my companion turned the volume  off on my alarm so I woke up late, meaning I couldn’t work out this morning.  I moved on and got over it and got caught up before it was time to go to lunch.
Miracle #576: We were able to eat lunch with the bishop which means that we talked about how we can help the ward and we got some homework from the bishop which we did tonight.
    There were a couple of funny parts of the day. One was while we were contacting this evening.  One lady answered the door smiling and super happy, but based on her reaction to us, you would have thought that we were death eaters from Harry Potter. It was as if we sucked all the happiness out f her world.  I found it entertaining.  The other funny part of the day was making “baked apples” tonight.  At home we make a lot of baked fruit desserts and I love them!  I gave some to my companion and he thought that it was so gross that he spit it out. 
March 8, 2016
    Today was surprising.  This morning after zone meeting, we had divisions with the zone leaders were I got to work with the brand new zone leader who arrived here a few days ago on special changes.  I really liked spending the day with him.  I do to lead the sector how I wanted and we ended up contacting a lot.  The day turned out alright, but the people we talked to weren’t very interested.  We ended up just talking a lot of the day and it was interesting because he told me some interesting stuff that made me feel better about myself.
Miracle #577: We had a division with a young man and our less fell though so we contacted. It was the first time the young man ever contacted and it resulted in a lesson!
    The funny part of the day was probably my reaction to finding out that the mission is changing the way we report for statistics.  It just got a LOT more annoying which initially ticked me off, but now I am totally fine with it because I realize that it really won’t change how I work.  It is just one more bit of busy work to do.

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