Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Typical Week - 1.5 year mark

February 10, 2016
    Today was a relaxing p-day.  We did our buys, ate our lunch, wrote our families, and relaxed.  I took a little nap and then worked out for 2 hours.  My legs are dead, but I enjoyed the p-day overall.  The only frustrating part of the day for me was asking my comp to think about what needed to be done in order to work efficiently today and tomorrow.  He didn’t come up with anything.  So I just went ahead and made all the calls that we needed to in order to have our  divisions ready to go.
Miracle #550: We found a lot of people while contacting today.  2 of them didn’t want anything at first, but the listened and accepted an appointment to come back.
    The funny part of the day was when my comp tried to outride me.  He was succeeding for a while (which made me super happy.)  Then I realized that I was only on gear 2 up front.  I shifted up and kicked it.  We raced for a little while and it is hard for me to keep up with him on my mountain bike.  I love having to kill myself to keep up. It’s fun.
February 11, 2016
    Today was really frustrating.  The good part of the day was working for 10 hours straight. We left at noon after eating an early lunch and didn’t get home until 10 pm.  I have really missed getting out of the house early to work more.  We had tons of lessons planned for today and mot of them actually worked out.  The frustrating part of the day was that my companion threw our plans out the window during our lessons.  Most of the stuff that he talked about was so irrelevant that the  spirit could not be present. 
Miracle #551: We had really good lesson with some new people we started visiting.  They are a less active family and they agreed to come back to church.
    The funny part of the day was trying to teach my companion that numbers are not that important and really don’t matter.  We just need to work hard and try our best.  He is really hung up on numbers and quotas. I told him that we just need to work with all of our heart and mind dedicated to serving the Lord and the people.  If we truly understood missionary work and did it, then we wouldn’t need key indicators at all.  The problem is, missionary work is hard to understand, while quotas are easy to understand. 
February 12, 2016
    Today was a bad day for me.  I was off most of the day and then most of our plans fell through and for a change, I wasn’t excited about contacting.  I am not sure why.  Training is hard. We managed to contact a lot despite my lack of enthusiasm, we did a spontaneous service project, and we even got a reference.
Miracle #552: We are going to get our house fixed up this next Monday and it will be a lot better.
    The funny part of the day was when this old lady offered us some fried sopapillas things and refused to believe me when I told her that I was on a diet.  I managed to escape by getting my companion to eat mine too.
February 13, 2016
     Today was a LONG day.  This morning we went out 10 km on our bikes with 4 other elders to do a service for some less active members.  Basically we weeded and moved around several hundred pounds of wood.  It was kind of pointless but the people we were serving were happy about it. 

     After the service, the Perez family came from Captan Avalos to leave me some food and herbal mate.  Then came the lunch.  We had lunch with one of our favorite families (Barrera) and it never ended.  I tried to drop hints to my comp that we needed to go, but he didn’t pick up on them.  He knew that we had appointments, but he just sat there for TWO hours.  Finally I just couldn’t wait anymore for him to close and I excused us.
Miracle #553: We had a really interesting lesson with a future investigator who is interested in our message and who actually read the pamphlet that we gave her.
    The fun part of the day was this evening when I wrecked my diet by celebrating my year and a half mark.  Tradition required me to burn a pair of pants, which turned out to be really noxious.  We ate cookies, caramel popcorn, mini donuts, and more.  It was a fun night to be honest. 

    The lame part of the day was having a talk with my companion after lunch about how he behaved during lunch.  I am just not cut out for this parenting thing.  In the end, we just went out to work and the dust settled.
February 14, 2016
    Today was a really good Sunday.  This morning there wasn’t any ward council meeting, but they forgot to tell us so we were there at 8:00 a.m.  No one got to church until 9:00 and our church started at 10:00, so I read a fair amount of the Old Testament.  In church we had a lot of people show up, which was a nice surprise.  After church we went to lunch with a nightmare family.  Okay, only the daughters are a nightmare, but they are so obnoxious that we suffered a bit.  We also had to suffer through a soy meat lunch.  Work wasn’t the best, but, for once, my comp and I had a blast working together.
Miracle #554:  My companion finally lost his fear of contacting today.  We had a blast just contacting and preaching at the same time.  He had fun and now he is super excited to contact some more.
    The fun part of the day was definitely contacting.  We had some really stupid contacts like commenting on a dog and how it looked like a purebred dog (which of course I knew that it was.) Or another contact where we commented on the ivy on the fence that led to a conversation.  In the end we always tied the conversation back to the gospel and either took out a reference or had a good laugh out of it.  There was one lady, for example, who didn’t open her gate door because she didn’t want to talk to us.  But we put forth our best effort and when my companion finished the contact I was encouraging him by making funny faces out of eye-shot of the disinterested lady. 
February 15, 2016
    Today was super inefficient.  This morning we stayed in the house late waiting for the guy to come, and fix it.  He never came so we finally left to go to work until lunch time.  We went to lunch with a sister who didn’t understand that we could not eat inside the house if there was not another man present.  We had to eat outside, but we got to eat with her little son at least.  When we got there, the lunch wasn’t ready, so the lunch ended up lasting about almost 2 hours. 
Miracle #555:  Sandra, a great investigator, who we just found last week, accepted a baptismal date for March 20th.
    The funny part of the day was probably contacting with an ADHD youth in our ward who decided to tag along with us.  At first, it was a nightmare, but as we kept contacting, he started picking up on a few things and in the end he wasn’t too bad at it. 
The spiritual part of the day was sharing a Book of Mormon story with a group of youth in the ward and testifying of the converting power of the gospel.  It is a really good group of youth.  The other interesting part of the day was waking up with a giant blister from what I think must be a bug bite.  It freaked me out at first. 

February 16, 2016
    Today we didn’t have the spirit very strongly with us.  This morning someone came to our house to fix up a few things at 9:10 in the morning and interrupted our personal studies.  We helped him move around all of our kitchen appliances while he installed power sockets.  Long story short, I didn’t get my spiritual food for the day.  After the district meeting we discovered that my companion’s back tire was flat.  The tubes were so damaged that there was no hope of a full repair.  In about 10 minutes I managed to make it ride-able, though we did have to stop every 5 minutes to fill it.
    We made it through the rest of the day, but unfortunately did not have the company of the spirit and only at the end of the day did I realized that before going out to work we did not pray.  It made a noticeable difference in our work.  Our contacts were a flop because we had no unity.  We had 2 different opportunities to teach a contact lesson, but didn’t because our conversation wandered and wasn’t Christ centered.
Miracle #556: Tonight we were able to do splits with 2 members of the ward and visit 2 of our progressing families.  


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