Thursday, January 15, 2015

Cleanliness is next to Godliness

January 7, 2015

         I’ll be honest, today was rough.  I woke up early in a great mood and was that way until it came time to clean.  Part of the reason why the other elders didn’t want me cleaning the other day was that it wasn’t p-day and they said that it wasn’t “time” to do it.  Well, today was the “time” to do it and I cleaned for almost 2 hours before bothering the other missionaries about joining me.  They didn’t, so I ended up cleaning for another 2 hours.  Towards the end of my cleaning day, they pitched in for about 20 minutes.  I got unreasonably (well maybe it was reasonable) mad at their laziness.  It really ticked me off to work for 6 hours in one week cleaning this house.  I never cleaned this much at home…(sorry Mom, I am repenting for the slob that I used to be.) Anyway, I was ticked all day long.  ALL DAY.  There was one point today where I was so fed up that I am pretty sure that for the first time in my living memory, I didn’t talk for more than 60 minutes.  I couldn’t let it go and it was eating me up. So at the end of the day I texted my zone leaders to get their advice on how to control my anger and handle the situation in our house.

Miracle #107: Our amazing zone leaders, Elder Gomez and Elder Turley showed their concern for us by walking over a mile to come and see us/me to help me out.

January 8, 2015

         Today was really really long.  It started with a four hour service project in the morning.  I forgot to put sunscreen on so I kindof fried in places usually covered by missionary attire.  The sun also sapped up all of my energy for the rest of the day.  After lunch, and a shower, it was already 4:00 pm so we got right to work.  I was all right except I have been plagued by a phlegmy cough for all of this week and it was worse today.  The miracle today was pretty cool though.

Miracle #108: Santiago (our investigator) went with us to an appointment with another investigator and he loved it.

         I wasn’t feeling to hot so when our 9:00 cita fell through, we came home 30 minutes early so that I could get to bed early.  The best part of the day was when someone thought that I was from Colombia because of my accent.  It was funny because Elder Leon’s jaw dropped and his face was shocked. He has been working hard to get me to have a Colombian accent.  It was a sweet moment.

January 9, 2015

         Today was a division and Elder Ware and I felt like crap after morning divisions, so we just stayed in the house and rested with the recommendation from the zone leaders.  I was coughing up my lungs and he was hurting too.  We got to talk a lot when we weren’t sleeping and it was really nice. He gave me some advice as a district leader and it really helped me.  I feel so much better now that I rested today.  I think that it was way worth it.

Miracle #109 I got to do personal study for more than 2 hours today.

January 10, 2015

         Today was crazy. We only had 3 lessons but is was still good.  We visited a great new investigator and she told us about her crazy story of drug addiction and her desire to change her life.  We basically did contacts of apartment buildings for about 3 hours until we taught English class.  My comp and I taught the class and I thought it turned out really well.  My miracle happened in our last lesson.

Miracle #110: Our new investigator gave me a hunting knife.  I don’t know why, but it is cool and my zone leaders said that I could have it as long as I didn’t take it outside of the house. 

         We found out that one of the people we are going to visit tomorrow had an exorcism last night…this should be interesting.

January 11, 2015

         Today was pretty good.  It was HOT and I had a headache all day not to mention that my companion was grumpy for some unknown reason.  But I am really happy today so I just ignored all his rude and insensitive comments.

Miracle #111: We had 2 divisions with members which is a miracle that rarely happens down here.  It is very hard to arrange any divisions and today we had 2!

         I can’t think of any specific funny things that happened today.  I remember laughing a lot while Elder Leon did not. There is nothing I could do to help him other than stay upbeat and hope that it is contagious.

January 12, 2015

         Today was great.  In contrast to yesterday, elder Leon was in a great mood and we has a great time.  We had a painting service project today in the morning and we got to talk to some Chileans who spoke English practically perfectly and it was a blast.  We had 3 average lessons which were only meh because for some reason we were both exhausted today.  We actually went to a store to get a bit of sugar to wake us up and our miracle happened.

Miracle #112:  I put on my gringo charm with the lady in the Almacen and she gave us juice and a chocolate bare for free!  We needed that boost!

         I am finally not irritated with the elder’s in my house anymore and it is WAY more fun.  We were joking all day today and it was one of the better days in this mission. 

January 13, 2015

         Today was a pretty good day!  We had some decent lessons today but is was odd.  The worst lesson was in a house with no circulation so essentially we taught this kid in a sauna for 30 minute.  I just about suffocated.  Our miracle of the day was with a less active grandmother of one of the youth in our ward.  She has not accepted the missionaries in 8 years or so.  Today we had a division planned with her grandson.

Miracle #113:  When we called the grandson, the grandmother answered and was very happy.  She said that something had happened in her life that made her want to talk to the elders.  We went over right away and she told us all about her experience.  It was a great experience for me!

         This afternoon, Elder Diaz taught a self defense class and it was a blast.  I was the dummy and LOVED doing a bit of that stuff again. 
A few Missionary Terms for you:

·      Investigator: Someone who is learning about the church

·      Cambio/change: A 6 week period of time where you are with a companion that you are assigned to.  The companionship can last more than one cambio.

·      Snake: a flirtatious girl ages 14-30ish.

·      Dragon: a flirtatious woman ages 30-dead usually has kids of her own.

·      Worm: a flirtatious girl ages 1-14

·      Dead: A missionary who just straight up wants to go home.

·      Cuadrado: A ridiculously strict missionary who tried to follow the rules almost to a fault, meaning they follow the letter but forget the spirit of the law.

·      Chueco: A missionary who no esta ni alli with the rules. (couldn’t care less about the rules.)

·      Machine: kindof applies everywhere but someone who just gets the work done!

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