Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Giving 120%

January 21, 2015

         Today was one of the better days of my mission so far!  There wasn’t any one incredible thing that happened except for going to the temple.

Miracle #121:  I went to the temple and was able to understand everything in Spanish and I received the answer to my prayers.

         My thoughts about my day in the temple are that the only time that no part of our being will regret our decisions is when the choice that we make is the will of the Lord.  I learned is that ALL of me wants to return to Heavenly Father.  When I feel temptation to sin only part of me is invested in it, but when it comes to the things of the Lord, if you want it, you want it with ALL of your being.

         We also were able to teach 3 lessons today even though it was p-day.  What???!!!

January 22, 2015

         Today was pretty great.  We had a good morning planning for next week and then we had a great time taking some investigators to the temple where we had our miracle.

Miracle # 122: We asked some random people to help us in a lesson and one of them had traveled 12 hours by car to come to the temple. Our investigators were blown away that someone would do that.

         There wasn’t really a funny part of the day.  We taught 2 new people who were very confrontational and it was quite tough.  I loved teaching them because it challenges me.

January 23, 2015

         Today we started with service which was painting, again.  Seriously, every single service project that we have done in this area is painting.  At least we were lucky to have water-based paint this week so it actually washed out and we don’t have to be paint-covered for days. 

         After lunch and a shower, we went to go to a cita at the miracle condo.  Our cita fell through, but the initial referral for the condo was there.

Miracle #123: For the first time in my mission we taught a reference that is sincere and wants to learn more.

         Elder L. was really pissy to me today.  He admits openly to enjoying using sarcasm to bully people. I am sick of it. We have talked about working on the amount of sarcasm we use and he straight up blew me off.  Basically he said, “I don’t want to change because I enjoy sarcasm.”  This companionship thing is really hard!

January 24, 2015

         Today was better for sure.  Elder L and I decided to work together to cut out the sarcasm and we did really well today.  We were a lot happier and had a good time teaching.  Our miracle for today happened on our way to visit someone and I felt the need to talk to a lady who was walking behind us down the street.

Miracle #124:  This lady was the mother of someone we taught a lesson to and she invited us to come to her home to teach her and her husband!

         The funny part of the day was when I just got frustrated with contacting beautiful girls because Elder L. always gives me a hard time saying that I am flirting with them (definitely NOT.) I was telling him how sick I am of this happening and then the very next door that we knocked was a gorgeous 17 year old girl!  Are you kidding me???!!!!  So I focused really hard on NOT flirting and when we finished the contact, Elder L. told me that I still flirted with my smile….WHAT???  I give up.

January 25, 2015

         Today was interesting.  EVERY cita that we had scheduled fell through.  We had 6-7 people to visit and all of a sudden we had 0.  Wow, that meant that we had a LOT of contacting to do.  Somehow I still saw my miracle.

Miracle #125: We had 3 lessons taught today and NONE of them were planned.  It was great because one of the lessons was on the law of chastity and our investigator said that he would commit to live it.  I think that he will actually do it!

         The funny part of the day was when I fell asleep on a staircase (a new spot for me).  Where will I crash next, only time will tell.  I think that I was so dead today because I was on the toilet for an hour holding a garbage can at the same time…get my drift?  NOT FUN AT ALL!  I am going to bed.

January 26, 2015

         We had a crazy good day today.  It started with an iffy district meeting. It was good and actually applied to us, but it was basically on companionship study plus and hour walk.  We had to go and pick up lunch and for some reason I felt like contacting.  I contacted one lady and it was a flop, then I saw a lady in black crossing the road and I started to contact her.  I felt prompted to ask her if she had a reason to be dressed in black. She told me that her mom had just died 3 weeks ago, and she is still devastated.  We go her address and we are going to visit with her and try to help  her with her grief. 

         The two hours after lunch were awful and we just contacted and walked.  We then had a lesson with K. that turned out really well.  She was very interested and wants to know very badly if this is the true church.  We felt the Spirit so strongly in that lesson.  The highlight of the day was in our second lesson. 

Miracle #123:  I felt prompted to invite them to be baptized and they accepted.  Then I felt like we should schedule it for late in March (which is not usually what we do as missionaries.)  They accepted this date and this is a mission first for me.

         I was so happy at the end of today and I prayed to have more days like today.  The funny part about today was when I surprised a sister missionary on the street and she got a little ticked off (not really). Elder L. started to make a rude comment to me but then he remembered our companionship goal and he caught himself just in time.  He practically choked on what he was going to say.  We got a good laugh out of that.

January 27, 2015

         Today was probably on of, it not the best day of my mission so far.  We had 6 incredible lessons and contacted a couple dozen people.  This morning we taught a lesson in a park to a really interested guy and got a reference to send to other elders.  Our best lesson by far was with a man, his daughter, and his son.  It was incredible because they were so smart.

Miracle #127: As we taught about the apostasy, they would ask questions that led into our very next thought or concept.  Towards the end of the lesson the dad asked, “Well, these things need to be restored, how is that going to happen?”

         I was surprised by how hard I worked today. I wanted to give 120% and then recover on p-day tomorrow. I am super tired!
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