Sunday, February 8, 2015

Service and Spiders

Service project - digging latrines
January 28, 2015
         Today was a super chill p-day. Basically we just chilled all day and it was great.  The really helpful part of the day was when I got dang good advice from my family.  Seriously, my family is way more helpful to me in hard situations than some of my leaders are.  I am very grateful for the particular family that I was born into.  We have a different way of thinking which can be challenging at times, but ultimately it has really blessed me to have people who understand where I am coming from. 
         Our miracle happened when our investigators were faced with opposition.
Miracle #128:  Our investigator defended the church and The Book of Mormon to an evangelical who was telling all kinds of lies about our faith. We were blown away by this investigators courage and faith.
         The funny part of the day was during a lesson with a family.  The father started ripping into his teenaged son about being lazy. It reminded me of my mom getting after my little brother.  It is funny because with good kids, like my brother and this Chilean youth, everything usually works out and the parents don’t have to stress as much as they do.  I look at my little brother now and he has figured out how to work and is doing great. 
January 29, 2015
         Wow, today was tiring.  We has weekly planning which ended in a teensy bit of bad feelings after companionship inventory, but we got over it quickly.  Today, ALL of our appointments fell through and half of the people we contacted could have cared less about our message.  The miracle of the day was with our young friend F.
Miracle #129: F. went on his first divisions with the missionaries and all of our appointments fell through, including our backup appointments.  So we contacted, and F. LOVED contacting which is amazing to me. 
January 30, 2015
         Today was fun. This morning we did morning contacts (I hate them!) I am tired and so grumpy when I do them.  The people are never/or almost never receptive.  Anyways, afterwards we painted for service (again).  That was fun and it was a good change of pace.  We also did divisions today and I was with Elder Diaz who has even less time in the field than I do.  It made me more confident in my Spanish.
Miracle #130:  I was able to either understand or communicate 100% today.  That gave me the ability to help Elder Diaz and some of his investigators.
         The funny part of the day was when we were walking to our lunch in our service clothes past opened a fire hydrant.  It was irresistible in this heat and another elder and I ran through it.  WOW…fire hydrants spray a lot of water.  Super fun!

January 31, 2015
         Today was exhausting!  It started with insanity workout, then was followed by a ward service project where only the missionaries showed up.  It was fine though because we went to a really poor ladies house.  She was so poor that she doesn’t even have a bathroom.  She and her 2 year old son  use a corner of their yard.  It was so sad.  She started to make a latrine, and had a 3 ½ foot deep hole dug, but she ran into some big rocks and had to stop.  Well I know a thing or two about digging holes in rocky ground since that basically was what my Eagle project entailed.  It took us a long time to pry MASSIVE rocks weighing easily 100-150 pounds out of the hole.  We spent 3 hours there and made very little progress. Elder Ware and I had to work together to get one of the rocks out of the hole.  I hauled it up to chest level, then Elder Ware jumped in the hole and helped me hoist it out.  SO TOUGH! 

          After our service project, we ate a huge lunch and then started our fast.  It has been really hot lately and I am hurting for water…it was a rough fast.
Miracle #131: F. is doing missionary work on his own time.  He took us to the houses of some of his friends and it was really great!
February 1, 2015
         Today had its ups and downs. Most of the day I just decided to follow my companion because he has been complaining about me trying to control what we do.  In a nutshell, we walked super slow and only contacted a very few people.  Don’t get me wrong, Elder L. is a hard worker, but he just works differently than I do.  He does not do spontaneous contacts well, which is my strength.  He is a very good teacher in scheduled/planned lessons.  He is not in a hurry to go anywhere, and I like to fit as much as I can in a day. I want to have more companion unity but he is not all that interested.  I have decided to chill out and see if things improve.
Miracle #132:  One of our investigators gave us quite a bit of food to take home, including my absolute favorite… grapes. I love them!
         The funny point of the day was when I looked at the chore list for the week and there were zero chores done for my housemates.  I am resigned to just do a little everyday to keep my area tolerable.
February 2, 2015
         We had a good day of contacts and lessons.  We contacted after lunch and found a very receptive family who let us teach them.  We then basically went from appointment to appointment contacting and teaching.  Our miracle was with a family with a son who is so sick that he can’t move or think.  It was so sad and it made me think that this boy is about as sick as my dad was when he was in the hospital with his stem cell transplant. 
Miracle #133:  The father of this family was 100% humble and open to receiving the gospel of Christ.  He is really searching for the things that are lacking in his life.
         The funny moment of the day was when a lady we met on the street yelled at us, “I don’t like your religion, go away!” Then within 5 minutes she came up to us and asked us to visit with her.  Bizarre!
February 3, 2015
         Today was hard, awful actually.  Not because of any companionship problems, but because all of our careful planning fell apart.  It was not fun.  The redeeming moment was when F. accompanied us for 3 hours and loved all of it despite how crappy it was.  As great as that was, it wasn’t my miracle.  Our miracle was with S. who just got back from a long vacation.
Miracle #134: S. read The Book of Mormon while on his vacation, and finished 1 Nephi. 
          We did manage to have some lessons and we did do a lot of contacting, so it wasn't a total wash.  The most fun part of the day was playing with spiders.  F. taught me that there is a spider in Chile that makes these little holes/burrows. If you touch the rim of the hole with a pencil, the spider jumps out ridiculously fast and grabs your pencil.  It FREAKS me out so bad every time…it is really entertaining. 

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