Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Trunky for Transfer

 February 11, 2015

         Today was another really relaxed p-day.  I tried to not get irritated by the stupid conversational topics of the other elders today.  I did not blow up even once.  I did try to respectfully try to change the way we talk to/address each other and the things that we talk about.  I am getting tired of being referred to as dude and bro amongst other much more inappropriate titles.  It didn’t work, so I am just going to quietly lead by example. 

Miracle #142: I didn’t get irritated when I was the only one cleaning the house today. 

         The funny part of the day was going to an investigators house who always talks about her husband who died 20 years ago.  I walked into the house and thought 2 things: his body must still be in the house because it smelled so bad, and oh my goodness, that couch must be his coffin!
Sites on my way to get my Visa
February 12, 2015

         I can sum up today in one sentence. We woke up way to early to go to do my visa, stood in lines for way too long, and I ended up way too tired.  I almost fell asleep in both of our lessons today.

Miracle #143: S. accepted a date and seems 100% committed to be  baptized!

         I am so tired that I don’t even want to write the funny experience of the day, but I will.  We were walking on the sidewalk and I walk around the corner ahead of Elder Leon.  Out of nowhere I hear him laugh.  When I asked why he was laughing, he said that he ran into the wall as he was turning the corner. 

February 13, 2015

         Today was rough but really really good.  ALL of our citas fell through except one, but we found 3 new people who we were able to teach.  One of them was my miracle.  We contacted a ton and near the end of a long stint we found someone named J.

Miracle #144: J. had an experience 5 years ago where he died but was revived with an implanted artificial heart.  He now believes in God and is looking for his path.  He loves to read and is eager to learn. 

         The fun part of the day today was when I burned my 6 month tie.  It is a sort of a weird tradition that missionaries burn a tie at 6 months, a shirt at a year, pants at a year and a half, and a suit at the end of their mission.  I am not going to burn my suit, but the tie burning was quite entertaining. 
6 months out

February 14, 2015

         Today was quite possibly the LEAST lonely Valentine’s Day that I have ever suffered through.  Don’t get me wrong, it still sucked, but it had nothing to do with it being V-Day, or as my sister says “Singles Awareness Day.”  We had 2 citas and both of them fell through.  It’s really hard to think of a miracle for today.  I think that it would have to be in English class tonight.  None of our regulars came to class.  We put up some flyers in the stores here and our miracle came from one of those.

Miracle #145:  T. came to our class because of the flyers and was not only willing to learn English, but she was also receptive to our message.

         The fun part of the day….tough one today.  I would have to say that the fun part of the day for me was doing insanity workout followed by service this morning.  I really like feeling physically spent at the end of the day.  Tonight, my body feels really tired!
While people at home are making "snow angels",  I am making "sweat angels!"

My feet after a FUN service project!
February 15, 2015

         Even though today was really good, I am ready for the next transfer.  My comp elbowed me freaking hard in the ribs today.  I got a little ticked, but I just shut up and did nothing to retaliate.  I have learned that I cannot completely trust my companion so I have to watch what I say and do very carefully.

Miracle #146: I finally see the truth in the advice of my uncle and my siblings about missionary behavior and politics, and I am learning to be a lot more careful.  Hopefully I won’t have to get burned too many more times to learn my lesson.

         The funny part of the day was when we were talking to two very high guys on the street.  It was really entertaining because high people are VERY talkative, giggly, and nice.

February 16, 2015

         Today was a lot like yesterday except today I felt the Spirit more. We had really great lessons where I am pretty sure that the spirit gave me some new understanding and perspective to share in the lessons.  The missionary work is great and I love the people we are teaching. 

However, the last three weeks of living in this house are going to absolutely suck. Once again the district elders ditched me while we were eating.  So, I just studied on my own and decided that I need to pray for help to not get angry with my companion.  As I prayed, the other elders barged in and started yelling and messing around, even after they knew that they interrupted me.  It is very depressing to get angry during a prayer for help.

Miracle #147: J.G accepted the baptismal invitation today!  AND he also taught me some guitar!

         The funny part of the day was when I went to the shoemaker to pick up my pair of shoes and I just started talking to him.  He asked me if I liked Chilean girls.  I told him that “I am actually blind to girls right now.” Then I told him that I am a missionary and so I focus on the Lord right now and not girls.  However, I am a man after all…so it is hard to be completely blind.

February 17, 2015

         We walked a lot today! Citas fell through…again, and we looked for new people to teach, which surprisingly we found. All and all it was another mediocre, sweaty, hot day in Chile.  I need to get a backpack ASAP because my back is killing me and I have got to figure out something.

Miracle #148: I found a guitar in my house which is great, but it is also against the rules so I am going to have to give it away, but until then it has been fun.

         The fun part of the day was in the morning I felt my very first earthquake.  It was only a 5.6, so it was tiny (more of a tremor), but still entertaining.  To describe it, I would say that it felt like the earth was shivering.  It made quite a lot of noise to be honest!  All of the houses were shaking and clattering. It was very fun.

Eating healthy and keeping fit!

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