Tuesday, March 3, 2015

More of the same

February 18, 2015
         Today was yet another relaxed and refreshing p-day.  Basically we just relaxed, bought stuff we need to survive, and of course the other elders let me clean the house again…yep, just trying to let that not bother me. 
         I had a fat Levi day eating lots of mashed potato balls, bread and bratwurst type foods.  Not gonna lie, I feel so awful about eating stuff like that, until I remember that I do insanity which burns like 1000 calories nearly every day.  I am convinced that I would get obese eating the delicious and unhealthy foods here if I didn’t workout. 
Miracle # 149: We finally found out what our investigator really needs help with and that will hopefully help him to progress.
         The fun part of the day was doing my insanity workout.  It was also the highlight of my day with the exception of emailing my family.
February 19, 2015
         Today wasn’t bad.  We had some great lessons and a really good miracle. We had to leave one of our investigators because he won’t follow through with any commitments, especially coming to church.  It is so hard to get people, even members, to come to church.  This guy is always complaining about one physical ailment or another.  I bore my testimony to him of the importance of attending church and the great Spirit that can be felt there.  I even shared with him the example of my father who went to church every Sunday even when he had to use a walker when his back was broken and he was so sick with cancer.  Unfortunately, our investigator just ignored me and complained some more. 
         We met with another investigator and had the opposite experience:
Miracle #150: All of S. reservations about baptism have been resolved and he is now ready to be baptized.
         The funny part of the day was in our lesson with S.  He has a cat that makes the funniest surprised face when you pick it up.  I looked just like the cat memes that you always see online, except it was real.
February 20, 2015
         Today we went on divisions with the zone leaders and I left the sector with Elder Turley.  The really nice thing about our mission is that wen we do divisions, it is really relaxed and easy.  We walk 20 minutes to the stake center and meet up with the zone leaders and then walk about 10 minutes to their house.  I barely takes any time out of your day.  My division with Elder Turley was a blast!  We had a lot of citas and talked to each other quite a bit.
Miracle #151:  I got to go with the zone leaders when they had an appointment where they cooked empenadas, AND a family home evening with a family that made us a ton of delicious food.  YUM = so tasty!
         The fun part of the day was talking to one of the ZLs families.  They started asking me nerdy questions and I could answer all of them.  They asked about books, movies, music, and so on. It was kind of odd to see the kids bedrooms plastered with posters of the band – 1 Direction. 
February 21, 2015
         Today was just one of those days.  We got absolutely nothing done today.  By the end of the day I was a little fed up with my companion.  He just didn’t have any interest in working.  So all day I contacted and put up posters for a class that we are teaching. I was supremely annoyed when we went teaching with a brother from our ward and my companion just talked with the brother the whole time while I did all the contacting. 
Miracle #152: We got free ice cream today and a sister, Hermana Donoso, fed us lunch when our lunch fell through.
         The funniest part of the day happened simultaneously with the most annoying part of the day.  I was talking with a lady, while my companion was busy chatting with the member, and this lady was telling me all about her reincarnations.  She has been reincarnated 56 times and she remembers all of them.  One of the times she was dirt poor and homeless drug addict eating garbage in the street.  Another time she was Italian.  Another time she was a King and had 47 concubines.  She told me some of the other ones, but honestly I zoned out after the fornicating king reincarnation.
February 22, 2015
         Today started out rough, but ended up good. I was irritated with my lazy companion but then I realized that I needed to repent and stop letting him affect how I work.  I have decided to just suck it up and work hard anyway.  After that, my very first contact was with an incredible future investigator.
Miracle #153:  Realizing that hard work and obedience will help me to keep myself from losing my temper.  Every time that I get irritated with my comp, I am just going to work harder to find people to teach.
         The funny part of the day was talking to a drunk man who pretended to only talk in sign language, at least for the first 5 minutes.  When he did finally start talking, he just talked about how great we are for the work that we do.  He wanted me to give him a blessing, so I said, “Que Dios le bendiga,” or “God bless you.”  By his reaction you would have thought I just gave him a lamborghini.  He was so happy he almost cried. 
February 23, 2015
         Today just flew by.  I am really grateful for that because it wasn’t the best day.  It wasn’t the worst either.  In district meeting a doctrinal question came up and basically everyone disagreed with me.  I tried to “argue” my point, which didn’t work at all.  I finally gave up and told them that I would have to study some more about that topic on my own, which of course I did as soon as the meeting was over.  As it turns out, I was right.  Even though I was right, I feel bad about the way that I was trying to prove myself to the other missionaries. 
Miracle #154: Missionary resource, True to the Faith is a miraculous tool to teach correct doctrine. Every missionary should study it and know it.  
         Today was depressingly, not funny at all.  We did have pizza though.  
February 24, 2015
         Today was pretty good.  We had some good fun with contacting and talking and telling stories.  I finally got Elder Leon to share more about who he is.  He has never really told be about his experiences or any of his background.  We also had a really good moment tonight where we talked about what we have learned from each other and it was nice because we really said a lot of good stuff.  
Miracle #155: We were given a reference that we went to meet for the first time and she is 100% receptive and invited us back to teach her on Sunday.
         Throughout all the lessons that I have taught, one lesson is the most common and that is the Plan of Salvation.  It is an amazing and miraculous plan, but I would really like to be able to find someone to teach where we can move on to teach other lessons.  That being said, teaching the same thing over and over really strengthens your testimony about the topic you teach.  I have a strong testimony of God’s great plan of mercy.  I have been able to actively participate in helping others to understand this plan and I consider it a huge privilege and a blessing.

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