Thursday, March 26, 2015

More figuring out

Elder Colvin and Elder Anderson
March 18, 2015
         Today was not easy at all for me.  I am struggling with a companion who is constantly confrontational.  It is absurd.  He doesn’t have a kind way to solve any problem and he creates problems that don’t exist. He tells me that he wants to get along but if I want to get along with him I am going to have to humble myself and listen to his counsel, which ultimately is to be his servant and do everything that he says.  The good part about this situation is that I have learned more patience in the past week and a half than I have in the entirety of my life.
Miracle #176: The internet café that we went to was full so the bishop gave his permission to use the church computer to write to our families!
         The funny part of the day was when my companion thought that he was so right that he wanted me to call the president. I said that I didn’t think we needed to call the president because it was no big deal.  He then proceeded to make the call and then said, “President, my companion wants to talk to you,” after which he handed me the phone.  I took the phone and said, “President, I didn’t want to call you about this, it is not a problem.”  He just started to laugh and then we joked around together and talked about the sector and our companionship.  I think that president completely understands what is going on here.
March 19, 2015
         Well today was another rough day.  Truthfully, it was a good day for me, but not for my companion. He is sick of me because I spent the whole day talking to everyone I met…I mean EVERYONE. We had three divisions with members today but we taught only 1 lesson.  We contacted as lot and by the end of the day for some unknown reason, my companion lost his temper and called the president asking for a new companion.  I was completely embarrassed to talk to the president again about our “problem”. After everything was explained, the president told me exactly what I would expect to hear from my dad…”Boys, these things seem pretty pointless and childish to me.”  I agreed with him and told him that I would try harder to get along with my companion.
Miracle #177: I didn’t lose my temper this afternoon even when my companion said that I was the worst missionary he knows, etc.
         The reason that I was able to control myself is because every single time I was tempted to get angry, I dropped to a knee and started to pray until I was calm.  Even in the streets, I would drop to a knee and pretend to tie a shoelace so that I could say a little prayer.  Even despite my patience, my companion ditched me completely 2 times today.
         The best part of the day was when we saw someone outside of their house cleaning up yard waste and we offered to help them.  This person actually went inside his house to avoid talking to us.  As we left and were walking away, I decided that we should show true love of Christ by doing the job anyway.  As I was cleaning up the yard waste, I was happier than any other moment in t the day because we were helping someone with no alternative motivation.  My companion was less excited about this opportunity, but he did it after I told him that it would be what a true disciple of Christ would do.
March 20, 2015
         Well my comp had a really bad day today.  He treated me extremely poorly and even my district leader, who lives with us, told me that all I could do is to say nothing and ignore him.  My comp seems to have really hard times in the mornings and I am not sure why.  As we were supposed to leave the house, I felt a HORRIBLE dark spirit between us and I told him that we could not leave the house yet. We needed to figure out what the problem was so that we could leave with the spirit of the Lord. Well that set him off and it did not end well. I was able to control “most” of my temper and I did not react or fight back physically, though the phone did get broken.  In the end, the result is that the president got called…AGAIN.  This time I called him and the end result is that my comp and I have to work this out, or he will have to go home.  I don’t want to be the elder that has to send a companion home so I told the president that I would try my hardest to make this work out with my companion.  The president did call me later to talk to me more about the situation and he encouraged me telling me that he thinks that I can help this elder.
         Actually, most of the week I have felt pretty decent, a little exasperated, but pretty good to be honest.  My companion is helping me to become a more tolerant and patient person.
Miracle #178: My district leader returned to the house to poop just in time to resolve the situation and then he arranged for “emergency” divisions to give my companion a break from me and vice verse.
         Anyways, the rest of the day was very nice actually.  I did a musical number in a Relief Society activity and shared a spiritual thought and it turned out really well.  Other than that, Elder Johnson and I contacted an awesome future investigator.  The fun part of the day was when bishop came over to the house to explain his upcoming schedule to us.  He said, “I have ‘Faith in God’ at 4:30” I then said, “I have faith in God too!”  It took him a minute to get the joke…he is a very nice bishop.
March 21, 2015
         Today we did division with our zone leaders because of yesterday’s fiasco.  All in all, it was a good division for me. We mainly talked and contacted.  At 8:00 tonight, B. was baptized and I had to accompany 2 musical numbers without being able to practice. It was pretty sketchy, but I survived.
Miracle #179: I didn’t completely bomb the accompaniment at the baptism.
         President called again today to check in on us and wanted to know if I was still up to the task.  I told him that I am ready to try and change what I need to in order to make things work.  He asked me if I thought that my comp could change and I told him that I hoped he could and I would do my best to help him.
March 22, 2015
         Today was very good. I had a 5 hour church marathon session today.  By the end, I was pretty tired. I had a really good day with my companion today.  I thought that I would have a hard time forgiving him for what he did, but I prayed for the help to forgive him and it really worked. 
Miracle #180: We had a guy just approach us in the street and beg us to come by tomorrow to teach him. 
         He funny part of the day was when I fell asleep in sacrament meeting, the member sitting next to me stole my wallet.  Later he gave it back to me and said, in ENGLISH, “Sorry Elder, you are in Santiago which is the New York City of South America.  You better be more careful!”  It was really funny. This ward speaks a lot of English and it is really fun for me.
March 23, 2015
         We had a great day today, again!  I am getting used to the way my companion teaches.  We contacted quite a few people and it was just a great day!  We also taught a ton of lessons, at least for us.  (really only 4 – but that is a ton considering we only taught 9 all of last week.)  Basically I am re-emphasizing he importance of contacting with my companion.  He isn’t a fan of contacting, but he is doing much better. 
         I love prayer so much.  I am really becoming converted to this gospel and love it more and more every day.
Miracle #181: My companion corrected me in something today in a loving and kind way!!! WooooHoooo!!!
         The fun part of the day was contacting houses and then leaving card at the houses where no one was home.  My throwing arm is getting a lot better.
March 24, 2015
         My comp had another unpredictably bad morning today.  I could not get him out the door on time today.  We had a meeting at 11:00, which was a 20 minute bus ride away, and I could not get him out of the house until 11:00.  He got pretty ticked at me and the grumpiness continued throughout the day.  I contacted a ton of people today and he just sat there, silent and grumpy the whole day, even when I “passed the ball” to him.  It was super annoying.
Miracle #182: I now love meetings.  As pointless as a lot of the parts are, I really feel strengthened to move forward.
         The fun part of the day was president’s talk on obedience.  He did this object lesson with his suit coat on.  He pointed out that he looked like a normal missionary, well groomed, and clean.  Then he took his suit coat off, and his white shirt had words written all over it…disobedience, laziness, pride.  Basically the lesson was that you have to play the part of obedience and hard work on the outside and on the inside.  I have to work on that because I struggle with it.  
Our Sector map.
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Engraving of temple that a member made here.

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