Sunday, March 8, 2015

The Lord Will Provide

February 25, 2015
         Today was a fun p-day.  We went to parque la Bandera and we played baseball, which I don’t play, and soccer, which I can’t play due to my deformed dislocating knees.  I basically got bored and ended up climbing trees.  We did get to play with some cute puppies and a crazy water fountain.  We have a rule as missionaries to never shop in street clothes even if it is the practical and logical thing to do and best use of our time.
Miracle #156: The zone leaders gave us permission to shop in our street clothes at the supermarket that was right next to the park.
          The funny part of the day was when we had an appointment with V. and his family.  For some reason they looked me up on youtube and found a video that my mom posted 2 months ago.  It was titled Elder L. Colvin, and it was just me throwing a trompo in my old house.  I thought it was hilarious because it has only 12 views and most of those are this family that I am teaching.
February 26, 2015
         Today was a decent day.  We ended up walking a TON today because no one is home.  Everyone is on their vacation so they are either sleeping and ignoring us, or they are out of town.  I cannot wait for school to get back in session because things will finally settle back to normal.                                    
        We started off the day wasting a ton of time on a service project that only needed a few elders and ended up with 10.  We were moving a family and that is something that I actually have a lot of experience in so I worked hard.  On the way home, I wanted to walk faster than my comp so that I could get some work done.  I discovered a new contacting method and that was that when I was way ahead of my companion (who walks really slowly), I would stop and do a contact.  I got three good references from that walk. I got my miracle in the martial arts class that we are doing.  We are actually a beta site in our mission for this type of class.
Miracle #157: Three people came to our class in the very first week of advertising. 
         I am actually kind of dreading this next change now because we will get a new District Leader and I am concerned about which one of the other elders it will be.  I know for certain that I never, EVER want to be a district leader myself, but I would really like to be the companion to a DL.  When you have a DL for a comp, you get to go on lots of divisions and it is really good for your relationship as companions to have a break, and you learn a lot of really good things from how other elders work. 
February 27, 2015
         Today was a rough day.  We did have a fun miracle, but the best part of the day was at the baptism of Viviana and Karla.  They are the other elder’s investigators, but we get to attend baptisms and the spirit there was great.  It made me excited for S. baptism that is scheduled for this Saturday.  Actually, the baptism could have turned out a lot better.  The ward leadership cut the service short because they had to be somewhere else to go, and they showed up in their street clothes…what the heck?
         We ended up trying and failing to talk to people and get contacts almost all day long. But I kept on trucking and didn’t get too discouraged.  The miracle of the day was during one of those rough moments.
Miracle #158: While standing in the sun feeling rejected, a lady left her house to come to talk to us and asked us to teach her!  Wow, that was a tender mercy.
February 28, 2015
         Today was rough….again.  We did have one lesson and one great contact/service opportunity. Actually we also started the day with a service project where we had to cut down this ridiculously hard tree with a stupidly dull saw.  ALL of our citas fell through and our plan B’s almost all fell.  At he end of a couple of hours of work, we went to go help out a member who called us asking us to come.  When we got there, the members were gone!  Then as we walked back home, my miracle happened.
 Miracle #159: I saw tow men working on their house and I offered to help.  They accepted and after 45 minutes of work and chatting, they invited us over for dinner next week. 
         We had a great talent show in our ward tonight.  A ton of people showed up and we had a great time getting to know each other.  There were a TON of funny talents and I ended up throwing a Trompo for my talent.  It went way better than I thought and the Chileans were so surprised that a gringo could learn those tricks.  They wanted to know how I did it and I told them that some people have the gift of tongues, but I have the gift of trompos. 
Little kids think that I am velcro, it is the hardest rule to enforce to keep the kids from running up to you and hugging you. 
March 1, 2015
         Today was pretty good. Church was not that great though because one of the brethren decided to reprimand the men in very fast and very harsh Spanish.  It was rough and I couldn’t even distract myself with reading scriptures in English like I used to be able to do a few months ago.  I was bummed out because S. didn’t come to church and he is getting baptized this Friday.  As it turns out, he just didn’t wake up and we are still good to go for the baptism. In our lesson with him today, he chose me to baptize him and I was so humbled and excited at the same time.  It will be my very first opportunity to baptize someone.
Miracle #160:  S. will be baptized age the same age and on the same date that my companion was five years ago.
         The most fun part of the day was visiting J. and C.   We were fasting so we couldn’t eat their delicious food.  I was a little bummed about that part, but the visit was good.
March 2, 2015
         Today started out with Elder W. trying to reprimand me for exercising too much.  SERIOUSLY?!!!  I just got so frustrated.  He called the president about it because he is “worried”.  I wake up early so that I can do three things: study and extra 30 minutes, exercise an extra 30 minutes, and clean (every day).  I am still ready on time for companionship study.  Elder W., my leader, has never worked out in the 12 weeks I have been here, he rarely cleans the house, and he hardly every does comp. study. I get more done in the morning while following all of the rules and he is still ratting me out to the president.  The only thing that I can do is hang in there for one more week when president promised me that things would change. 
         Other than that, today was awesome.  We had good lessons and fun divisions.
Miracle #161: We ran into Hermano H. mother in the street while contacting.  We had never met her and we didn’t even know anything about her, but after talking to her for a bit we learned that her son was Hmo. H.  She says that she is interested in learning more about the church.
         The fun part of the day was either when I found 2 bucks on the sidewalk, or when some random contact gave us milk.  It wasn’t just any milk, it was flavored and really delicious!  Also Elder Diaz and Elder Whitmore decided to pull a prank on us.  They lit 20 incense sticks in our room and shut the door and windows. The room was full of smoke was pretty entertaining!
March 3, 2015
         Today was really good.  It was one of the better days that I have had with Elder Leon.  We taught some of our really good investigators and found and taught some interesting future investigators.  We also went on divisions tonight where we each went with a man from the ward.  It was only the second time we have ever managed to leave with 2 different men.  The last week fo this change has been great so far.  I am really starting to love Elder Leon. I think that my mom’s advice to lower my expectations had really helped me.  That and the fact that I have been doing more stuff for him and it has brought us a lot closer.  I think that I needed to learn how to just give of myself without expecting/wanting/needed reciprocity.
Miracle #162: Chile sells whole wheat bread somewhere, and I am going to find it.  A contact gave us a sandwich made with whole wheat and it was amazing.  Sometimes I feel that I get more from making contacts than I give.  That makes me wonder how God provides a way for us to have our needs met even if it is from random strangers on the street. Today’s miracle showed me that when I serve and love others unselfishly without thought of recompense, God will provide a way to fill me up.

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