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Praying in my sleep

These two are like identical twins... hilarious!
Happy Elder Colvin
December 25, 2014

          Today was a pretty good Christmas. In the morning we has a district breakfast in our house and it was incredible!  Buttermilk, syrup, and French toast.  I felt sooo fat and sooo happy!.  We kind of just hung out until Elder Leon made his skype call at 11:00.  We basically only had time to run by the house for some stuff, go to lunch, and then it was my turn to Skype!!!   I personally thought I was just going to break down when I saw my family, but it was exactly the opposite.  I just felt happy and strengthened by seeing them and talking to them.  We talked and had a great time waiting for Garrison to call in, but he didn’t call at the arranged time, so we decided to end the call early in hopes that I would have enough time when he finally called that I could get back on and talk to him for a few minutes.  It worked out that I was able to talk to him for 15 minutes and it was amazing to see my best friend/role model/big brother for the first time in 7 ½ months (since his last Skype call home).  I was so happy and excited until it came time to say goodbye and then I just wanted to tell him what he means to me and I just couldn’t communicate how I felt.  I was just overwhelmed with emotion.  After the call I was surprised by how trunky I WASN’T!  I was just so excited to work! 

We went to meet with our deaf lady and learned a little bit of sign language.  She is very nice and wants us to teach her more so we were excited for that great visit.  After that we just went contacting by singing Christmas hymns.

Miracle #94: We got invited into 2 houses by singing hymns and they wanted to hear our message. 

         We also stopped by two of the less active members of our ward and they were both  there and they both invited us in to share a message with them.  I wasn’t expecting to be able to have a successful teaching day on Christmas because many missionaries told me that it is a day that families are very busy and don’t usually want to talk to missionaries.

         My funny experience of the day technically happened last night in my sleep.  This afternoon, my companion told me that I woke him up last night by talking in my sleep.  I was speaking in Spanish and said, “Can we kneel for this?”  Then Elder Leon said that the best part was, I actually got out of bed and knelt on the floor and said a whole prayer… Spanish!  That would explain why I woke up upside down in my bed.  This means that I am dreaming in Spanish now!  So cool. Yeah, but it also means that I am such a missionary now that I even pray in my sleep.  Haha!

December 26, 2014

         Today was just kind of a routine day.  We taught 5 lessons and during one of the lessons our miracle happened. We were with R. and S. when R. said that she doesn’t feel motivated at all to co to church.  We were teaching with a recently converted sister who bore her testimony.

Miracle # 95:  Hermana Lopez expressed a super spiritual testimony about the importance of the Sabbath and it brought back the spirit into our lesson. 

December 27, 2014

         Today was so lame.  We had 9 appointments planned and every single one fell through.  We decided to go to the chapel so Elder Leon could do some computer work.  It was insanely hot so I laid on the cool floor of the chapel and completely zonked out for about an hour. It felt great!  Our miracle happened later during out very first English class.

Miracle #96:  We had 5 people come to our English class and it went really well.

December 28, 2014

         Another Sunday!  All of our citas fell through again today.  It is really annoying.  We were on eternal divisions, actually only 3 hours long, but it felt much longer.  Our  miracle happened about half way into the division.

Miracle #97: A family called us and asked us to come and teach them a lesson….they ended up being our only lesson of the day.

         Elder Leon and I are an awesome team.  We teach well together and we get along well, or at least I really like him.  We have a deal with each other to keep us from eating too much juice or bread (people offer us juice instead of water and it can really add up to way too many calories.)  So we worked out a deal that we get to hit each other for every time that we drink soda, juice, or eat a lot of bread.  We have to wait until we are home.  We owed each other 2 hits so I got to go first.  I hit just right, not too hard, but definitely not too soft either.  Then Elder Leon hit once pretty hard before winding up and just nailing me HARD.  Yeah it left a mark…haha!  It’s all good fun.

December 29, 2014

         Today was pretty good.  I put in a strong effort to break in some free shoes that were left in our house by another elder.  They fit really well except for the right heel which KILLS!  We had a good day with 4 lessons and a great miracle!  Our miracle was in the very first lesson that we taught to our new investigators.

Miracle #98: Our new investigators are 100% committed to reading and praying and are excited to learn more.  It is such a great feeling to teach people who want to learn.

December 30, 2014

         We had a long and hard day today.  But, it was also a good day.  We contacted for around 5 ½ hours (which was really tough) and by the second hour I was just wiped out.  I was just draggin’ my self through the third hour until I had a weird second wind hit me.  I have never has a second wind in athletics, but I got one in missionary work today!  It was a great feeling.

         We taught R. and S. today.  They are a very young couple and S’s father is an ex-pastor.  His dad was there and just wanted to argue with us.  It was rough, but we managed to teach a good lesson on the plan of salvation. 

Miracle #99: Despite his father’s argumentative and contentious attitude, our investigator told us that the felt the spirit and he even had the guts to defend  his faith to his dad.  He helped me maintain my composure so that I did not lose my temper.

         I find it interesting how I am developing a love for my investigators far beyond that which I thought I was capable of.  I had a similar love for my swim lessons kids this summer as I taught them.  I had such a strong desire to help them to learn and develop and when they did, it just made me ridiculously proud of them and happy for them.  I feel the same type of thing when I teach the gospel, except the joy that I get from seeing people grow and change is so much greater.  Now that I think about it, I really learned so much from teaching my swim kids.  I miss them and I love them.

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