Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Started slow but finished strong!

we poured this acidic something or other down our drains in an attempt to banish the horrible odor in our house
April 8, 2015
         Today was another relaxed p-day.  We practically just cleaned the house all day long.  (Working together if you can believe that!)  I am really grateful for p-days like today.  The best part of the day was figuringout a workout routine that I can do with a bum ankle.  It consists of a total of 300 pushups, 100 pullups and p-90X ab ripper-X.  It’s a pretty killer routine and actually gets out all of my pent up energy!
Miracle #197: I still got my personal study in early this morning even though the other elders were chatty Cathies. 
My study desk.
         I laughed so much today with Elder White.  I am having a blast with him so far and we have a lot of companion unity.  I am listening to his advice and respecting him, and he is doing the same thing to me. I am feeling like I am finally progressing again and overcoming some of the personal challenges I have had in the mission such as: not being able to take a joke that is played on me, talking too much in lessons, and always wanting to be in charge.  I need to continue to practice and get better and better every day.  I am really learning to love absolutely everyone and I feel like I am doing a TON better in making progress towards my personal goals. This is an illustration to me of how important the right companion is in order for us to progress eternally. 
April 9, 2015
         Today was a lot of contacting with a little bit of success.  All of our appointments fell through again, so we walked and walked today. A LOT!  Seriously, by the end of the day, when I stopped walking, my ankle felt like it was on fire.  More accurately, it was like hot blood was filling my leg to the point that it would burst.  Anyways, I am still able to work so I shouldn’t whine. 
         The most worthwhile part of today was going to the hospital with our bishop to visit one of the sick less active members we contacted a while ago.
Miracle #198:  We found someone who speaks English 100%.  They learned to speak while studying in University.  We had a really fun time talking with her.
         Today we met an interesting old man who claimed to be 153 years old and an apache descendent of Geronimo.  Otherwise, it was just a slow day full of excuses and rejection.  Some of the Chilean excuses for not listening to us are a real trip.  For example: 1. I am busy (sitting in a chair) 2. I’m cooking (in the early afternoon) 3. I am washing the baby right now. 4.We are Catholic 5. I’s stuck in the house (to which I respond, “Oh my gosh, are you okay?  How long have you been trapped in there?”)  6. I’m working (see #1).  The thing is about most of these excuses is that we can see them watching TV right before they answer their door. 
This was a really fun contacting activity we did on a street corner. We had poster board of a pamphlet called 3 ways to be a happier family.  We were talking to everyone who passed about the family and asking if we could pass by and give them a pamphlet.
 April 12, 2015
         Today was a little rough because of the fact that I was fasting and I could not take ibuprofen for my ankle.  All through church, I was in pain and grumpy from fasting.  On top of that, Elder Chavez and Elder Johnson picked the more convenient lunch for themselves so we had to walk farther.  Ughh!  I just was happy after we had something to eat!
         We worked hard, but then we had to go to choir practice where I played the piano accompaniment.  Afterwards we went to a family home evening where we did the pushup atonement lesson.  I did around 250 total pushups and it went well.
Miracle #210: The choir that we helped actually sounded good!  Normally Chilean choirs sound about like a primary choir. 
          The really funny/crazy story of the day was a dream that the bishop had about me.  Yeah, weird that he is dreaming about me, but here in South America people place a lot of stock in dreams and the power of revelation through dreams.  First of all I should tell you that the Bishop was really excited to talk to me, and asked me if my first name was Aaron?  What?  No, I told him.  Normally we are told to not tell people our first names so that they will call us by our title of “Elder”.   I could see that he was visibly disappointed.  Then he told me that he thought he had a special dream about me, but that it just must have been a crazy dream.  So naturally I was curious and asked him to tell me his dream.   Basically he was wandering in a mist of darkness and was desperately calling my name trying to find me. He kept shouting “Elder Colvin” repeatedly as he searched for me in the mist.  Someone he didn’t know approached him and asked him who he was looking for.  He said, “Elder Colvin.”  The man told him that he needed to call me by my name.  The bishop told the man that is what he called me – Elder Colvin.  Then the man counseled him to call me by my first name.  “But, I don’t know it, “ replied the Bishop.  The man then told the bishop that I was named after the name of the lesser priesthood and then he left and the dream ended. When the Bishop told me his dream I was blown away, then I told him what my first name was – LEVI, which is another name of the lesser priesthood – the Aaronic or the Levitical priesthood.  Then we were both blown away. Crazy cool right??  Told you that I have a special connection with this Bishop!
April 13, 2015
         Today was just a great start to the week.  We had a really tough week last week work wise, but today just got me excited for the week ahead.  We had some good lessons and found some really good contacts.  Today started with morning contacts then we went to San Bernardo where I officially became Chilean by getting my carnet.  I also bought an ankle brace that allowed me to stop using the orthopedic boot that was killing me.  The brace has been the BEST!  I walk way better ad the pressure helps a lot with the pain.
my life-saver of an ankle brace.... its a little annoying but totally worth it
Miracle #202: In the morning I started contacting a young man, but the bus came before I could make any followup plans with him. Later on in the day, we were walking along and I decided to knock a door and it was his door, and he seems interested!
         A funny part of the day had to be that for some odd reason Elder White was struggling today, but it was really a fun day in general. 
April 14, 2015
         Well today was another good day.  We started with a great district meeting where we talked about the importance of the Book of Mormon in  missionary work.  I really liked the lesson and it helped me to re-focus myself on what I am doing here as a missionary.  After that, we jumped into the day and had another great day of work. 
Miracle #203: Today was the first day in this sector where we were fed lots of really good food.
         The funniest part of today was when Elder White had crazy hiccupping fits that lasted over 2 hours.  In the first lesson he started hiccupping during the prayer that I was giving and admittedly I had a hard time not laughing about that.  Then in the next lesson he was asked to give the prayer and hiccupped all the way through it. 
         The worst part of the day was once again having to have a correlation meeting with our ward mission leader.  He ALWAYS complains about how the other ward members don’t do anything.  I just hate judgmental gossiping so I have to shut my mouth whenever he opens his.  I just want to work hard and try to NOT complain which is ironic since I am complaining right now.
my mad card throwing skills (that's the second story)
what we like to do to eggs when we get bored

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