Monday, April 27, 2015

Staying put - HOORAH!

A helmet that was made by one of our new people
April 15, 2015
         Today we didn’t do anything for p-day because my ankle was really hurting me in the morning.  I just lounged around reading the scriptures for at least half the day and it was nice.  Other than that, I just realized how unified Elder White and I are and I am so grateful for our companionship. 
Miracle #204: We didn’t have to walk to a single appointment because the bishop was with us all night long.
         The funny part of the day was when the bishop was teaching us ridiculous Chilean expressions.  I think the is going to give me a book that explains all of the Chilean idioms.  My companion and I had fun all day long.  One of the other fun parts of the day might be when I ate 2 spoons full of spicy salsa on a dare…it was kindof nasty to be honest.

April 16, 2015
         Today was like last week; hard, but ultimately rewarding.  We planned for the whole week (which I really hate doing cause our plans never work out) and then we ate lunch.  Following lunch, we went to the church so I could compose an arrangement for the hymns that I have to play in stake conference on Sunday.  It took me an hour, but I am proud (in a good way) of how it turned out.  Other than that, we just contacted and taught a little.
Miracle #205: In just 8 months, I have finished all of the approved reading for a missionary. 
         Today we did a contact where we offered to help a guy pick his weeds.  After he finally let us help him, we were able to chat with him for a bit.  He went into his house for a second and I accidentally kicked a crappy old soccer ball over his fence.  When he came back, I told him what happened and we went to look for the ball, but we couldn’t find it anywhere.  I felt so bad that in 2-5 minutes a junky old ball would get stolen off the streets of Chile. 
April 17, 2015
         Rough day.  Okay really it only ended on a rough note.  We contacted most of the day and we walked a lot.  I am not sure why, but I was irritable today with my comp because he struggles with the language.  But his is an awesome guy in all ways and I am lucky to have his for a companion.
Miracle #206: For the second day in a row a Chilean accepted our offer to help them.  Seriously, this is a big deal here because the Chileans are very independent and stubborn.
         I would say that the fun part of the day was talking to the P. family.  I really like joking with them and they always teach me Chilean ghetto so that I can communicate better.  I really enjoy learning Spanish especially stuff that gringos don’t normally know. 
April 18, 2015
         We started off today by going o clean our disgustingly filthy chapel in the morning. I had a fun fight with the floor cleaning machine that no one else could control.  This machine literally just runs all over the place with TONS of power.  I really enjoyed doing what I could to help the ward.  The bad part of the day was going to accompany the choir.  I do not like how the director leads the choir because he is so very grumpy and critical of these people who are sacrificing their night to sing with us.
Miracle #207: We met a lady who was able to help me improve my Spanish accent.
         The funny part of the day was my wicked flatulence this evening.  It just wrecked us and was so very bad that we were both dying of horror and laughter.
         On another note, I am really grateful for who I am becoming on the inside.  I really have developed a sincere love for people and I have a strong desire to serve them.  I have discovered that I have a gift for helping people relax and laugh a bit so that they can forget the hard stuff that they are experiencing just for a few seconds.
Also the mask proudly presented to me by a little kid in our ward...we are not supposed to wear masks, but just had to take this quick photo!
April 19, 2015
         Today was a really really really good stake conference.  We had an area seventy and our mission president give talks.  They were both so good that I was blown away.  I am so blessed to have the mission president that I have.  Every time he talks, it just leaves me wanting to be a better missionary and study more about the gospel.  Today/yesterday was transfer day. 
Miracle #208: I am not getting transferred and neither is Elder White!  President told me that his plans for me were to leave the sector for a fresh start, but  because of my weekly letters to him, he decided to leave us together for another transfer!
         The funny part of the day was when Elder White told me about the conversation that he had last night with Elder Johnson who is leaving.  Eldr Johnson asked him, “Was it hard to leave your last sector?” Elder White told him no, not really.  Then Elder Johnson said, “ Funny, cause that’s not what your journal said.”  WHAT???!!! Yep, Elder J. has been reading my comp’s journal and I thought it was hilarious until I realized that meant that he has also probably been reading my journal too.  Oh well.
April 20. 2015
         Well today was pretty good.  We had a good day really working to fix our abysmal area book.  The elders before me didn’t write anything in the book.  I finally got up the energy to buckle down and work on it.  We also had an incredibly useful lesson with one of the coolest families in our ward. Basically they told s all of the things that we need to do to help change the ward and get it moving in a positive direction.  They are completely ready to help and support us in our efforts to work with the ward.
Miracle #209: We got to leave district meeting early to go back to lunch.
         The funny part of the day was going practices with the 6 other missionaries.  They didn’t want to do the practices, so my companion and I volunteered and we had such fun making up really hard people to teach.  In one scenario I was a 15 year old mother of 2 whose husband was an evangelical preacher. 
The size of the pizza bought by someone from E White's old sector..... and he bought 2!
April 21, 2015
         Today was a chill day.  We did some work in the chapel this morning and then just had another tiny lunch in our house before leaving to work.  We went to the hospital to give a blessing to a dying old woman.  It was really sad to see all of the old people suffering in silence.
Miracle #210: The woman who asked us to the hospital knows another less active member we have been working with who is also very sick.  I love serving people on my mission.  I cannot express how good I feel doing this work.
         The funny part of the day was when I was in the hospital visiting people and I kept smelling poop.  I ignored it, but then it was in EVERY room.  About 2 hours later I realized that I had poop on my shoes  and it was my own poopy shoes that I had been smelling all afternoon!  (not surprising since there are stay dogs everywhere in the streets.) 

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