Monday, May 25, 2015

Another good week despite the flu

May 13, 2015
         This p-day was pretty relaxed.  We woke up and just studied and chilled. We went to the church so Elder Skabelund, an elder with a full ride scholarship in volleyball at BYU, could practice some moves during his last 12 weeks of his mission.  He is insanely good at volleyball!  He is 6’11” and destructive on the front line.  We had a great time just playing 2 on 2 for an hour (and I don’t even like volleyball.)
Miracle #232: Somehow I miraculously learned (without practicing) how to throw a perfect spiral with the football. I have never been able to do it until today!
         Once again there wasn’t any funny part of the day today, but we did have a good meeting to finish our planning for the youth of the ward.  I haven’t felt well today – flu sore and tired.  It was probably a bad idea to exercise today. Actually, I guess it was pretty funny when Elder Skabelund kept spiking the ball and hitting the ceiling or nailing my companion in the head.
May 14, 2015
         Today we went to a super lame service project where we worked FOR a member of our ward.  He didn’t even help us to the work that he wanted us to do.  He just did his job in the corner of his house while we worked.  Then he complained about the quality of our work.  He acted super entitled and it really irritated me.  While our work was not the best on the plane, it was a lot better than the shoddy Chilean cheap labor that he would have paid for.
Miracle #233: We found 2 people who we had met before and befriended but never knew where they lived. It was a cool experience because we were each able to connect with one person and feel prompted to share a message which they accepted.
         The funny part of the day was just talking with Elder White.  He makes fun of me in a way that I know he is my friend and I can do the same back at him.
I have worn through four pairs of pants this way!
May 15, 2015
         Today was a boringish but fairly productive day.  We planned, had a lesson, then went to a combined missionary tracting. The wussy missionaries form the sector gave us the most ghetto blocks and we had a blast.  I felt like I was back in my old sectors and I missed the kind of teaching and contacts that you get to do in the ghetto.
Miracle #234: We got a less active’s teenaged daughter to participate in a great lesson about charity with the Familia Ruiz Aceval.
         The fun part of the day was making sopapillas in the evening.  They turned out soooo good, but they are soooo bad for you. Still very delicious!
May 16, 2015
         Ugh. Today was…interesting.  We went to visit M.M.’s family and were excited about the visit going in, but then as the visit progressed we learned that one of the family members is a Jehovah’s Witness who was very confrontational and argumentative.  He basically said, “You’re and idiot and you’re wrong.” Somehow I managed to maintain my composure throughout the whole lesson despite the fact that he constantly tore us down.  In the end, Elder White and I bore our testimonies of the prophets and left.
Miracle #235: Elder White and I maintained our cool in an impossibly confrontational lesson.
         We had a sweet part of the day where we talked to a man who came to our English class to practice his English.  He is very fluent and is studying at the university.  I think that he helped me more with my Spanish than I did with his English. 
Our English Class
May 17, 2015
         Today was a good end to our week. We started off with ward council meeting (the second one in three months) and kept it going with a good church attendance.  We had a decent lunch and then we went out to work.  We visited a few people, but the miracle wasn’t food or a lesson, it was our recent convert, B.
Miracle #236: We were FINALLY able to get together with B. and leave to visit some people with him.  It has been about a month since we met with him which is bad because he needs the support.
May 18, 2015
         Today was pretty entertaining.  We started the day with working on preparations for a ward activity that is coming up this Thursday.  It was my idea to do a dessert competition and the ward loved the idea.  So, about a month ago, we started planning for the activity, which is called “Master Pastries”.  We even managed to get our mission president to agree to come and be one of our judges.  We decided that if the president was partial to anyone it would be against his missionaries.
Miracle #237: All the plans are set and the activity is ready to go.
         The fun part of the day was going on divisions with Elder Hanni and Elder Chavez.  I went with Elder Hanni today and I have to say that he really grew on me.  We had a good time just talking and walking.  We walked a LOT today, like ALL day. The only exceptions were some contacts we did.  It was a good day overall. 
         On the downside, I am really ticked that the ZL’s haven’t looked for the camera that I left in their house 2 weeks ago.  I know that it is my fault, but I will hate having to buy another camera. (Editor’s note:  WHAT THE HECK IS WRONG WITH MY BOYS AND LOOSING THEIR CAMERA’S????)
May 19. 2015
         Today started out really well with interviews with President Cook.  They sure went a lot better than the last interview I had.  He was more encouraging this time around.  I felt a lot better about who I am becoming after my interview.  Then we had our district meeting and I gradually started feeling physically sick until by the end of the meeting, I had a high fever and I had to go home and go to bed.  I had massive chills for a couple of hours and I wasn’t able to get up and function until about 6 P.M. 
Miracle #238:  We randomly found a relative of one of he strongest members of our ward who is interested in taking the lessons. Also, I didn’t even get a tiny bit irritated in missionary correlation meeting.
         There were a few funny things that happened today.  One was this guy just hanging out on the street smoking crack from his homemade bong.  Another was a lady telling us that it is better to help a stray dog than it is to help a person. What? I have always been a dog lover except now that I live here in Chile, the stray overpopulation is so annoying that I am starting to hate them and their poop. What really sickens me is that people will feed the stray dogs, but let the poor and needy people go hungry.

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