Sunday, May 31, 2015

Diarrhea Days


Editor's Note: Why would you eat this if you were sick?
May 20, 2015
         Today was good despite the fact that we started out lazy with me still feeling the after effects of yesterday’s illness, namely my stomach was more tangled than Disney.  The most eventful part of the day was going to a fast food joint and ordering a half meter hot dog.  Though it was delicious, it definitely was not a wise choice for an upset stomach. 
Miracle #239: The whole V. family participated in our lesson, even the disinterested son.
         The funny part of the day was when we walked into the V. home and the father had the tv on.  A fighting movie was on and I was struggling not to watch it, but like any good missionary, I asked the hermano if he could turn off the tv, to which he replied, “No!”  Soooo what could we do, we waited for 10 minutes for the movie to end and for he wife to get home.
May 21, 2015
         Today we barely worked in missionary work because 90% of the day went into preparing for the ward activity/dessert competition.  We cleaned the church, had a great lunch, planned for our week, visited 1 person, and went to finish work on the activity.  This was the first ward activity in over 6 months and it was awesome!  We had so many people (around 60 – which is close to our Sunday attendance) come and enjoy themselves.   We had 13 people bring desserts!
Miracle #240: Despite the fact that the judges (our mission president) were against us, we got 5th place.  We had the best tasting dessert – but it was so ugly that we only got 5th.  
The funniest part of today was in the morning when I got up. My stomach cramps returned and lets just sum it up by saying I experienced a missionary right of passage In the CCM they tell you that to be a real missionary, you have to:
1.   be bit by a dog
2.   get food poisoning
3.   get a kiss (on the cheek I assume)
4.   have a girl chase after you
5.   poop your pants.
I am only missing #4 now.
May 22, 2015
         Well it was another day of diarrhea.  Like a LOT.  I spent at least 3 hours in the bathroom today, but at least I got all of my reading done!  War chapters of the Book of Mormon go well with gastroenteritis.
Miracle #241: Despite explosively destroying bathrooms, we still worked hard and got 3 lessons taught and 2 divisions done. We found an amazing family today that I have super high hopes for.  
         The funny part of the day just has to do mostly with the inadvertent noises of the day.  Ughhh, it was a long day and I suppose it will also be a long night.
May 23, 2015
         Today was GREAT!  This morning I woke up with another horrible stomach ache, so I couldn’t do any exercise, but the pain wore off by the time we had to leave for work.  The best part of the day was doing divisions in our sector.  The most fun part was that everyone who took part switched comps for the 2 ½ hours of the activity.  I got someone from Paraguay and we were on a role!  We met tons of future investigators and 3 appointments from the activity.  I am so excited again!
My astonishment at seeing my camera!
Miracle #242: After 2 weeks without my camera, I finally got it back!  The zone leaders finally found it under one of their beds!!
May 24, 2015
         Today was good but not stellar.  Church was alright and a fair number of people came.  We planned a mutual activity this Friday where I am going to teach first aid.  The reception from the young men was less than encouraging.  They complained about the activity not being fun enough.  I explained that we should be learning something AND enjoying ourselves in mutual. I suppose that I will have to be ready to make first aid really fun somehow.  I have a few ideas.
Miracle #243: As we prepared for a lesson, we found a scripture that we both felt would perfectly meet the needs of the people we planned to teach.  Then the appointment fell through.  As it turned out, someone else asked us a question that was perfectly answered by that same scripture.
         The funny part of the day was when we were given a candle used for black magic rituals…creepy, but it is just a regular candle.
our sweet white board set up
May 25, 2015
         Today was a full day of work.  It was pretty decent to boot.  We had a lesson with J., a man that we found contacting a couple of weeks ago.  He accepted the baptismal invitation if he gets his answer from God that the gospel is true.  I know that if he reads and makes a sincere effort to ask in prayer, he will get his answer.  I have learned one thing for certain on my mission, that is that if people do their part, the Lord always follows through with his part.  I really love this investigator and I can see so much potential in him for his future. 
         The rest of the day we contacted lots of people and had an overall good time even thought the people were generally not receptive to our message.  I am very well adjusted to rejection.
Miracle #244: We were able to work for a full day for the first time in over a week.
         It’s really been hard to be sick all week long, but now I am feeling better. The funny part of the day was just messing around with a bunch of park exercise equipment, kind-of like my Eagle Scout project.  Elder White and I went on a circuit in the middle of the day in proselyting clothes.  It was a rather fun break.
May 26, 2015
         We had a good day today.  We accidentally slept in for an extra half hour because our phone alarms didn’t go off.  It actually was the right time to get up, but we like to get up early so that we can fit more exercise in. I really didn’t realize how much I treasure that extra time until today.  I love the studies in peace and quiet in the morning and the extra exercise time a little later.  Anyway, after the morning stuff, we went to district meeting where we talked about our president’s weekly newsletter message about memorizing scriptures.  I was super grateful that I had a prompting about 6 months ago to work on memorizing scriptures in Spanish.  I now have over 25 scriptures one and I am still working hard.  I have found it very interesting that a lot of times, I will be thinking about a principle of missionary work several weeks before a message from the president comes out that teaches the same thing that I have had on my mind.
Miracle #245: Missionary correlation meeting got cancelled today! That meeting is usually a weekly personal battle to keep my head down and my mouth shut.
         I am kind of starting to worry about this next transfer cycle.  Elder White thinks that I will be given some sort of responsibility, but I am feeling like I really enjoy the work right now and don’t want to change a thing. Oh, well, it is not worth worrying about cause I have no control over it.
Our missionary attempt at sushi (not bad).

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