Monday, May 18, 2015

Plumbing Problems

May 6, 2015

         Today was a short p-day, but it was also quite fun. We went to a mall to buy things that we needed, and had a good time running into missionaries of Santiago Sur.  We didn’t really find what we were looking for, but we went to a giant gringo supermarket called “Jumbo”.  The have everything that you would find in a Walmart.  My miracle/blessing was from that wonderful wonderful store.

Miracle # 225: I once more was able to partake of the Ichor of the gods (aka Dr. Pepper.) A can costs over a dollar here, but it was so worth it.

This brought me happy thoughts about my dear mother.
         Sadly our p-day ended early with a service project.  Not so sadly, the service turned out to be the most fun part of our day.  Basically we helped a lady put on a dinner for old ladies for Mother’s Day.  We ran around giving stuff out to the women, but we actually were entertained in the process.  We got to listen to Frank Sinatra-like singers, and a mariachi band.  There were jugglers and clowns and all kinds of fun stuff.  I tried working hard while making the people that I was serving laugh and have a good time.  I have discovered that I love to brighten people’s days with a smile, a joke, or just being nice. I also learned that I am more restless on a mission…I have to be doing something or I get pretty bored.

 May 7, 2015

         Today was a great division with the zone leaders.  I left the sector and realized just how hard my sector really is.  As we contacted in the other sector, we entered into houses, took out appointments, and found very good people to teach.

Miracle #226: We started a contact with a grumpy old man.  As we offered to help him, then followed through with our offer, this man started to open up. In the end, his son came out and turned out to be really interested in our message.  We gave him a Book of Mormon and he promised to read it.

         The funny part of today was the fact that our Zone leaders didn’t have anything planned to do for tomorrow, but by the end of the day, we filled up their schedule for tomorrow with future investigators.  Also we ate some tasty tacos!

Happy Birthday Elder Chavez!
May 8, 2015

         Today was pretty great.  We actually found some people to hopefully teach.  The division yesterday really gave me a boost for this week and hopefully longer.  Today I talked with EVERYONE in the streets.  Today was also Elder Chavez’s birthday so I gave him a belt of mine that he has always wanted.  We also got cake and a good dinner that was nice.
Miracle #227: We found a good 5 potential investigators today!
Our usual number is zero.

         The funny/horrible part of our day was our toilet disaster.  Our toilet spits everything that you put in it out onto the floor.  Right now my companion is taking it apart to try to fix it.  I think that I am going to have to dig an emergency hole in the backyard if you know what I mean. 

May 9, 2015

         Today was actually good.  Three good/great days in a row is practically a record.  This morning our toilet still didn’t work and I had to beg the use of our neighbor’s bathroom.  We also painted someone’s fence this morning.  Elder White and I jus talked and painted for a couple of hours and it was fun.  When we came back to the house we learned that our toilet would not be fixed until Monday! We are considering making one of our flowerpots a chamberpot.

Miracle #228: We were walking through the feria when we ran into M.’s son.  We told him that we visited his dad and then he invited us back for tomorrow to share our message with the other part of their family.

         The funny part of today was in our last lesson, the family commented that they liked my companions ties more than my tie.  I pretended to be scandalized and offended.  After that, they chose me to say the closing prayer and I prayed that they would be blessed to see that my tie was wonderful.  They all lost it…but then of course I got serious and offered a sincere prayer to finish the evening.  It was fun.

May 10, 2015

         Today was really lazy.  After church we went straight to a member’s house to Skype home for Mother’s day.  I had a great call with my family where I realized just how cushy I have it here on my mission (compared to my brother.) I seriously cannot complain at all. My mission is amazing and I am learning a ton.  I really feel like I am becoming more and more converted to the gospel every day.

Miracle #229:  I pulled of a musical number today that I learned in about 2 hours of practice and it actually turned out really well.

         He funny part of today was how much cake we got to eat!  Seriously, I must have eaten ½ of a cake today.  It is okay though since yesterday I was fasting.  Seriously, fasting is really rough for me.  I always get a little grumpy when I do it.  I already got one of my answers that I fasted for!

May 11, 2015

         Today was a really decent day.  The only hard part of the day was when I realized that I couldn’t shower after exercising because the plumbers where working to unplug the pipes.  It seems that the other Elder’s like to use wipes instead of toilet paper, and the wipes plug up the pipes.  It took them 5 hour to unplug the clog and we were helping them the entire time.

Miracle #230: We finally have a working bathroom again!

         The best part of the day was finding an awesome person and teaching him a lesson.  We were walking along and my companion stopped to knock a door.  No one was there, but we stopped at the next house and met J.M.  I think that he is by far the most incredible person that I have met here in Chile.

         The funny part of the day was making poop jokes with the plumbers and the owner of the house we live in.  The owner reminds me of my Mom.  Overall, today was a good day. 

May 12, 2015

         Today was the first day in a long time that was depressing.  Most of the day was spent visiting a man who is dying of cancer.  He is suffering and just wants to die.  His family knows that there is nothing left that can be done to help him live longer, but they don’t want to tell him the truth.  It was really a sad situation and it made me reflect on home and brought me down the rest of the day.

Miracle #231: As we came back, I felt prompted to do an unusually direct contact.  I was really surprised when it worked and the lady made an appointment with us.

         There wasn’t really any fun part of the day, but we did get lots done and ended our day playing a game.  Tomorrow is p-day so we should be able to get some needed rest. The best part of the day was probably doing a brand new insanity video that I don’t have.  It is a leg heavy workout and my butt hurts.

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