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2nd Christmas - Training transfer

Carolling with the ward.
December 23, 2015
         Today was the annual Christmas concert for the whole mission.  We spent essentially the whole day at the conference having fun and messing around.  In the morning we watched a really interesting movie called “Freetown” about missionaries in Africa and I thought it was really good. I love movies made by church members about missionaries because usually they have some good spiritual moments and they make me feel grateful for being a missionary. Sometimes it is easy to forget that I am doing the best work on the face of the Earth.
One of the most fun families in the ward!
Miracle #501: We didn’t have a plan for this evening, but I felt prompted to suggest going to a less active member who is never home.  Today they were home and they told us that our visit to them was just what they needed. 
         The funny part of the day was also the most stressful.  I left my bag on the ground by the church as we went to go and buy some bike parts.  When I got back, it was gone.  I freaked out for about 20 minutes and then I thought about reviewing the security camera to see if I could tell who took my bag.  It worked!  I saw that our zone leaders picked it up and knew that I could get it back.  Crisis controlled.
         Turned out that I completely broke my pedal off today and I also learned that the axle of my back tire is super crooked.
December 24, 2015
         Today was pretty dang fun!  This morning we spent a really long time fixing my bike. (more karma)  We finally got my pedal replaced and by luck the gears are bigger so I can pedal even faster!  It also turned out that the axle on my back wheel was cracked in half , not just bent so I replaced that too.  The bright side of having to replace nearly every part of my bike is that I know bikes like the back of my hand.  If I have the tools and the parts, I can fix anything.
Miracle #502: Today I was going to use some really poor internet service to call my family, but at the last minute, our great investigators offered their really good internet to us to call home!      
        The fun part of the day was talking to my family.  I’m really excited for the moment when I can talk to them without having a little timer in the corner.   
         After the call, we went caroling for 1 ½ hours.  We basically drove around from house to house.  I felt like a missionary in the states for a little while.  The best part of the caroling was visiting one of our investigators.  Her husband was there for the first time and we made a really good first impression.  The last fun part of the day was having a Colombian banquet for Christmas dinner. 
Colombian Christmas dinner, it was AMAZING!


December 25, 2015
         Today was a pretty great day.  It started with waking up on time (which for me is sleeping in) and studying for 2 hour.  After that I did 1 ½ hours of insanity.  Then we went to visit the V. family from my first ward to wish them a Merry Christmas.  My “best friend” Maxi was the one who came out of the house to greet me.  At first he didn’t recognize me, but when he did, he ran up to me and gave me a huge hug and almost started crying.  I was really happy that I could make this Christmas a special Christmas for him.  I gave him a plaque as a gift and he was super happy. This time around I could understand their Spanish and speak with them fluently.   
On Christmas I went to visit one of the first families I met here in Chile (familia Valenzuela).
After that awesome visit, we went to Capitan Avalos to eat a Chilean BBQ.  The meat was absolutely delicious so we ate WAY too much. 
Chilean BBQ in Capitan Avalos
Following the enormous lunch, my companion called home and talked to his family.  When we finally started working, we didn’t have much success. 
Miracle #503: We felt prompted to go back to a street where we had already been, but as we were headed back, the family who was previously gone, came home.  We had a good lesson.

         So the lame part of the day was finding out that one of the sisters in our district is going home early for health reasons.  The stress of a mission is really hard on a lot of missionaries.  It really bummed me out.
December 26, 2015
         Today was a normal life in the life of Elder Colvin until suddenly President Cook called. I almost fell off my bike when he told me that I was going to train this next transfer.  At first I was super pumped and now I am just feeling the stress building up prematurely.  Other than that, the day was pretty good.  This morning we fixed the sister’s bikes because they managed to break an axle too. 
Miracle #504: I am going to train.  I always hoped that I would, but never really thought the President would trust me to.
         The funny part of the day was when my comp ate it HARD for no apparent reason.  He tore up his pants, but other than that, he was fine.  The other miracle of the day was meeting L. C., the daughter of one of our investigators.  She was very interested in our message. The only lame part of the day was having to bike a butt load after doing a hardcore leg exercise routine this morning.  I am super tired, but excited to train.
December 27, 2015
         Today was interesting.  Basically we did whatever my companion wanted to do because he is leaving this sector.  It was one of the most hectic and unplanned days of my entire mission.  I love Elder M, but I really hope he gets himself more organized.  We also went to the goodbye meeting of all of the missionaries who go home tomorrow because my companion wanted to go.  
My old district before changes.
This time we actually got a less active to go with us, which theoretically is one of the requirements to go. The best lesson was once again with V. and his whole family.  They are so great!
Miracle #505: Someone gave us a ride back to our house.  We didn’t even personally know them, but they saw us in a rush and helped us out.
         The funny part of the day was getting out of the last visit 15 minutes late.  My companion wanted to stay even longer, even though it was already past curfew.  When we got out of the visit, we had to start running because we didn’t have our bikes.  The funny part was that my big, chunky, out of shape companion runs faster than my short little legs with let me.  I literally cannot run, but I am motivate to improve this next transfer if can convince my companion to run with me.
December 28, 2015
         Today I got up earlier that usual (about 5:30) and it actually worked shockingly well.  I got up faster and was more alert and less tired throughout the day.  Today was interesting.  We had a new trainer meeting where President Cook scared us into the reality of training. At the end, he pulled me aside and gave me a little heads up about who I would be training.  He said, “ You are going to train a missionary from Argentina and the MTC president said that he has some pride issues, so don’t let your pride clash with his. “  WAY good pep-talk, right?!
Miracle #506: Virtually all of our plans worked out.  We even got our 2 planned divisions in.
         The funny part of the day was when my comp. bent my brand spanking new bike pedal.  I guess he was just moving it, and it bent by itself.  It was also really fun joking around in the training meeting.  I feel like I am probably not ready to do this, but I will do my best.  I am really excited to train and I pray that I will do a good job.  I am determined to love my companion and get along with him.
December 29, 2015
         So I guess that President Cook either changed his mind or he was a little bit mixed up yesterday because he didn’t give me someone from Argentina, he gave me a Chilean!  I have always wanted a Chilean companion and it is even cooler that I get to train one. His name is Elder Huaiquinir and he has a very unusual and interesting situation.  He was called to serve in the Arizona, U.S., but he is waiting for VISA paperwork to be approved.  So, without even going to the MTC, he is here in this mission.  I am not really sure why he did not go to the MTC first, but I am really excited to train him.  He is a SUPER cool kid, and he will be a great missionary.
Miracle #507: We had an incredible first day! The best part was when I was inspired by the spirit to visit someone who we had previously stopped visiting.  We technically had a lesson scheduled for that time, but for some reason I felt like they weren’t going to be there. I called to double check and sure enough, they weren’t home.  But the other family that I was prompted to call was home and we had a very good first lesson.
         The funny part of the day was probably sucking the energy out of my companion by riding 15 km out to visit some people.  It was also pretty funny when one of the people we teach started to talk to my comp about current events and for a minute I thought, “How do you know all this stuff?!” Then I realized that just yesterday he was a normal person.  He confessed to me that just last night he was playing Grand Theft Auto V.  Talk about a change of pace!

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