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December 12, 2015

         Well today was a decent p-day.  As a district, we went to Estascion Central to buy some souvenirs and stuff. I bought some cool nativities and a fardo of ties. About a year ago, I bought a fardo with my trainer and this year I decided to do the same. It was a pretty fun excursion, but 12 people are too many to go shopping with.  After buying all that stuff, I had to go on divisions with Elder Flores and that wasn’t very fun. I promised him I would do it if he was obedient so that he could say goodbye to a few people. 
Miracle #487: As we were biking past a park, I saw a slack line for the first time in well over a year, o even though we were  a little late, I had to stop and give it a go. It was a great part of my day.
          The funny part of the day was when all of our plans for today fell through.  We literally had 4 divisions and 3 lessons planned, but every single one fell through.  It was ridiculous.  I am really excited because tomorrow we are going on another division and I get to leave the sector.  I hope it will be a day where I don’t have to worry too much about the planning part.  The mission is exhausting.
December 10, 2015

         Today we had divisions with the zone leaders which was quite fun.  We had a super busy day with a lot of lessons.  I was with Elder Hermosilla who is a really funny Chilean who is about to finish his mission.  We had a great time.  It was pretty weird walking all day.  I felt so slow, but it gave us a long time to talk so we got to know each other pretty well.  I had a bad day of eating junk food.  I have decided that I am just going to relax on my healthy diet for the rest of the holidays because everyone here give you so much junk.

Miracle 488: today we were guided by the spirit to find someone who desperately needed us to pass by.  It was a very good experience.  I need to trust more in the spirit.

         The funny part of the day was a little hard to recognize. I have always liked getting to know new people and today was no exception.  Elder H. gave me a lot of good suggestions not just for my companionship, but also for my mission.  I have some things to work on and I am determined to work on them so that I can be a better missionary and disciple of Christ.

December 11,2015

         Today was pretty good.  This morning w had to go to the bike shop because my companion’s tire broke open and the tube exploded.  It was kind of funny because he bought a bright red tire so it looks weird.  After that headache, we went to a little shop where we prepared a gift for the gift exchange.  We came up with the idea of printing artwork of Jesus Christ on magnetic photo paper so it will stick to the fridge.  We also superimposed our mission logo on the image to personalize it.  It is going to be a fantastic and unique missionary gift. 

Miracle #489: Even though a ton of our citas fell through, we were busy all day long and set up a ton of new lessons.

         The funniest part of the day was when two of my better friends in the zone called us tonight.  When I answered, the immediately started singing, “As Sisters in Zion.” As soon as they finished singing the song, they hung up.  That definitely made my day. The other funny part of our day today was being exhausted the whole darn day.  I am pretty sure that the sun is sapping away my energy and at night sometimes I don’t have enough energy to stay awake after planning and I have to crash early.

 December 12, 2015

         Today I learned a good deal.  This morning we had a zone service in an old folks home.  We sang Christmas songs which was pretty entertaining because a few others and I were trying to harmonize in parts, but the whole group of missionaries were so bad at holding the same key that we couldn’t sing parts.  In every single song, the group unintentionally changed keys like 4 times.  After the service and lunch, we went to the chapel to do a little computer work and also practice piano.  Last week I was asked to improvise a verse of “Oh Come All Ye Faithful”, but I suck at improve so I spent about an hour today writing a little arrangement. We didn’t work until a little bit late, but I think it was a necessary use of time.

Miracle #490: Even though we didn’t have any divisions  set up for today, we managed to do a double division where we actually separated and visited 2 people at the same time.

         The funny part of the day was visiting a super bitter and prideful blind less-active member.  It was pretty annoying because he just didn’t understand anything that we were trying to teach. The funniest part of the day was when we got to his house, it looked like no one was home because the lights were all off and the windows were closed.  When I told the member that I was with that it didn’t look like he was home, the member said (in English), “Lights don’t help him Elder.”

December 13, 2015

         Today was pretty decent.  This morning we had quite a few investigators in church, but very few of our less active members.  We were both super happy and let down.  I didn’t fall asleep in church today!!! That should have been my miracle for today.  After church we had choir practice in the stake.  Really it is just one ward that is participating.  No one goes to the choir because the director is super mean.  She asked several of the missionaries to sing and asked me to play the piano.  As a favor, we go to the choir, but it is miserable because she treats everyone like imbeciles. She yelled at us and made fun of us until I couldn’t take it anymore and I told her, “I have never enjoyed music less in my life than I do right now.  You are more worried about the notes than you are about the music.  Music, especially Christmas music is about feelings.  You invited us here and now are treating us poorly because some of us don’t know how to read music.  That is a huge lack of respect and we don’t need to be treated like this.”  It may have been a little harsh, but it was all true and needed to be said.  The funniest part was that she got soooo mad at me that she kicked me out of the choir.

Miracle #491: There is a second choir where all of the people who want to have fun and go to sing for pleasure go, and I went over there to play for them.  It was a blast.

         The funny part of the day was probably when my bike tie popped and I had to switch out the tubes .  One of the members of the “mean choir” drove by while I was fixing it and yelled “KARMA!”  Yeah, it is sure karma that everyday something on my crappy bike breaks and I have to fix it. 

December 14, 2015

         Today was super fun division with Elder Anderson, the trainee of Elder Diaz.  It was a pretty good time getting to know him. We mostly walked and talked all day traveling from person to person and occasionally contacting. Before the division, we had a decent lesson with a less active member where I almost fell asleep, but DIDN’T!

Miracle #492: In a lesson that we had on the division, we were able to teach by the spirit and testify with power. 

         The funny part of the day was when Elder Anderson convinced me to eat a huge (?). It was so juicy and delicious. 

December 15, 2015

         BIRTHDAY EVE!  By far the best part of my day was getting and opening my birthday/Christmas package.  In the package I got very little food, which was a bit of a bummer until I realized that the gifts that I got were awesome! Mom sent me a super col little metal model kits of Star Wars and a cello.  I also got a crossword puzzle book and Insanity shirts.  The best part was getting a NEW PAIR OF SHOES!!  They are the same brand as my worn out ones but they look entirely different. 

      The missionary part of my day was a little rough because everything fell through.

Miracle #493: At the very end of the bad day, we were contacting and at the last minute we found someone who was prepared and wants to be taught.

         The funny part of the day was probably staying u admittedly way too late to put together my 3D model.  It was quite fun to do and I just couldn’t put it down.  Thanks family!

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