Monday, June 20, 2016

More up and downs

August 27, 2016
    Today was a fun p-day!  We woke up at around 6:00 am to go do a bike/hike up Cerro Chena in the dark so that we could watch the sunrise over the Andes.  We want with a member in our ward and let me say that it was a hard hike.  First problem was hat the park at the base of the hill was closed so we had to sneak in through an pen back entrance.  We used a back trail that was really steep.  We rode the first part, and then the others gave up with their bikes and hiked the rest.  I pushed my new mountain bike straight up the face of the hill and it just about killed me. 

The funny part of the day was on the way back down the hall.  Our tires are made of ridiculously soft rubber so the thorn patches wrecked our tubes. My front tire got five little holes and my back tire had 2 holes.  When we got to the house, it took forever to fix them.  While we were up on the top of the hill, we read the first chapter of the Sermon on the Mount and had a nice conversation about humility. 

Miracle #627: We were contacting and met a man who in the past met with the missionaries, read The Book of Mormon three times, but never quite got baptizes.  He let us in to teach a little lesson.
    We also had a lesson with the R. family.  They really enjoyed it and they talked to us a lot about personal family issues.  In the end of the lesson, they held a family council and set some goals.  It was not that spiritual of a lesson, but it was very individualized and needed.

April 28, 2016
    Today was rough for me.  This morning we did a decent service project where we turned a big tree.  The guy we helped out was an older gentleman and it would have taken him a very long time to do it himself.  We got it done in under an hour.  After that, we had to go inspect the zone leader’s house.  It was cleaner than I have ever seen it!  They then came to inspect our house which is dirtier than normal, but still very passable. After lunch, the craziness started.  We had lessons really close together time-wise, but geographically way far apart.
Miracle #628: On the new bikes, we made a normally 30 minute trip in just 20 minutes. 
    There wasn’t any truly funny parts of the the day today unless you count the dog that almost bit my my leg.  Today I just got down on myself for letting things get to me and for not being as focused as I should be.  I guess that I am just having one of those “sick of everything” kind of days.  I am just kind of feeling checked out lately and can’t seem to muster the energy for the work. I will probably be better in a day or two.  I need some kind of recharge so I can kick it back into gear.
April 29, 2016
    Today was only slightly better than yesterday.  This morning I just didn’t care about much.  I let my pride rule and the worst part is that it didn’t even bother me.  I am pretty tired of passive companions who have no energy or enthusiasm.  Who I work with really affects me a lot more than it should. I really need my last companion to help to motivate me so that I can finish strong. I really hope that I can get back into the swing of things soon.
Miracle #629: We were still able to find someone by contacting today.  By the end of the day, I was feeling a little bit better.
    The funny part of the day today was trying to set up division with members.  It is almost comical how impossible it is.  Other than all of that, at least one of the lessons that we taught had a good understanding of the lesson we taught about temples. 

April 30, 2016
    Today was better. This morning I went hardcore on my exercises and that helped banish a lot of my negative feelings.  The rest of the day was a lot more lame but I felt more relaxed facing it all.  The highlight of today is that I was able to go back to Los Pensamnientos to see someone that I found over a year ago finally get baptized!  They are a great family: Jessi, Sara, and Cristal and Jesse’s mom.  I am not sure how they remember me, but they certainly do.  They specifically requested that I attend the baptism, so that made me feel good.
Miracle #630: Because of the small size of this mission, I have been able to go back to old sectors to see around 10 people who I have helped teach, get baptized. 

    The funny part of the day was lunch which was supposed to happen at 1:30.  When we got there, the parents weren’t home and at 2:30 they told us that the were going to have to drop the food at our house at 3:30.  The other funny part of the day was contacting in someone else’s sector in an activity planned to help their sector.  It’ a pretty dang rich area and for kick and giggles we only contacted the richest houses.  To our great amazement, we found 3 people in under an hour!  That is completely unheard of.  In the end, it was a good day.
May 1, 2016
    Today was a long day, but a good one none the less.  I am kind over my irritation.  We didn’t have very many of the people we teach in church today. Our lunch appointment gave us a very tiny little bag of food so after church we went to our house and studied and ate.  We left to work in the afternoon and basically had nothing planned all day.  But, there was a ward activity to visit the less active members so we helped out with that and got a lesson out of it.
Miracle #631: We want in to this dead-end street that I have passed a ton of times in the 5 months that I have been here.  We had a street lesson and found a new person to teach!
    The funny part of the day was probably reminding all of the organizations about their assignments for an upcoming ward activity that is supposed to happen on Friday.  When we reminded all of the men’s organizations, they said things like, “Oh that right, “ or “I forgot about that.”  But when we talked to the women, they just waved us of saying “Yeah, we have already taken care of it.”  I know that women are generally more organized that men in the states, but down here the contrast is even more dramatic.  Men are just ridiculously unreliable and flakey. 

May 2, 2016
    Today was pretty fun day on divisions.  I still stayed in the sector (big surprise), but I had fun with Elder Rubio.  We started it all off with a lesson with a member present.  Afterwards, our plans all fell apart and we ended up doing contacts for a little while. We managed to get a lesson out of that.  Then the sister missionaries from Quimey ward with their bikes.  I am NOT going to miss being the mission bike mechanic. 
Miracle #632: The very last contact we did invited us back for a visit tomorrow.
    The funny part of the day (was also the unacceptable part of the day) was wen Elder R. started to watch a Zumba Dvd.  I told him not to even turn on the dvd player, but he did.  I must admit that I got distracted when he would show me what he was watching, but I just tried to focus on my own thing.  He is just a latino man.  I am not sure why latinos are so hot blooded, but they are. Another funny part was when I ran into a fence for no apparent reason. Other than that, today was pretty boring overall. The Chileans treated us like dirt today, dirtier dirt than usual.
May 3, 2016
    Today was a good day.  I felt a lot better after the zone training meeting.  For once, I really felt like the ZL’s talked about pertinent things.  After the meeting we went to lunch and ate a deep fried lunch.  I am not used to eating so much oil and I felt sick afterwards.  The rest of the day was kind a let-down.  We had 3 divisions planned but none of them worked out.  There was one really good lesson today that makes the miracle 2 days in a row.
Miracle #633:  The contact from yesterday was actually there and we had a really spiritual lesson with her.  She is going to be great to teach.
    The funny part of the day was probably trying to focus during the miracle lesson because the woman is not bad looking and with as much time in the mission as I have, even the ugly girls are looking pretty good. #missionarygoggles.  Another thing happened today that was sort of funny.  My comp fell off his bike.  He was in front today and at one point he looked back at me and drifted into the sidewalk where he skidded for a little bit and then bit it pretty hard.  I am convinced that if you ride as much as we do, you are going to have a wreck. 

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