Monday, June 20, 2016

New Sector/New Companion

May 4, 2016
    Today was a pretty good p-day, but it was supposed to have been better.  We were going to go on a hike, but in order to do the hike we had to get up at 5:15.  Sadly, our alarm did not go off and we woke up at 6:40.  We decided to just go to the super rich supermarket and the mall for our p-day.  It was fairly fun, but I didn’t get much except for a jar of peanut butter. Usually I eat a jar way too fast, but someone gave me the tip to blend peanut butter with half cooked carrots.  I tried it and it turned out better than I thought it would.  Essentially it tastes like weak peanut butter. 
Miracle #634: We finally found out the specific need of one of our investigators in a lesson that we taught today. 
    The funny part of the day virtually was non-existent.  Nothing funny happened.  I guess that it was kind of funny when someone treated us like crap and I said, “thanks for being so kind and representing your country so well to us.”  They then tried to make excuses  and we just left.
May 5, 2016
    I am so exhausted. My body is literally not moving like I want it to.  We did end up having a pretty good day.  We did have a few problems between us and with being punctual for work.  The worst part of being dog tired today was that we had to ride more or less 15 miles.  I faded out.  I had zero energy while contacting and making the calls to our district tonight.
Miracle #635  We got 3 division in one day.  That’s not unheard of, but in this sector recently it has proved nearly impossible. 
    The funny part of the day was probably just being so tired that I was finding it difficult to balance on my bike.  I felt like a drunk driver.  Luckily the air was cold today so that helped to keep me alert and alive.  The other funny part of the day was tying to contact a Haitian.  He didn’t understand Spanish at all.  The we asked him where he was from, he said San Bernardo.  We tried communicating with him, but it did not work out at all. 
May 6, 2016
    Today was interesting.  It ended up being a pretty good day.  This morning we helped a member learn English for a little while.  I figured out that I am kind of good at helping people pronounce the sounds in English.  I thought to ways to explain all the sounds that they had never heard of, but made it so that they are able to pronounce the sounds.  After that we went to lunch which turned out to be a funny fiasco.  We taught a few lessons in the afternoon and then we prepared for the ward activity which was a family home evening for the entire ward.
Miracle #636 The activity was a huge success.  The game that we played at the end was fun for the entire ward.  Our best investigator came with her daughter.
    The funny parts of the day were: 1. When we got confused about where we were eating.  We were told that we would eat with Hermana Sandra and the only Sandra that I knew was our investigator.  When we showed up at her house for lunch, there was a long and confusing conversation. 2. The other funny thing that happened was at the ward activity.  This activity was entirely planned by the missionaries (me and my companion), but the ward mission leader didn’t even come. 
May 7, 2016
    I thought that today was going to be a lot longer than it ended up being.  This morning was not user productive, but for me it was good.  I got a little spiritual recharge and Elder B. and I talked about how we can improve our work together in the future.  Right after a tiny lunch we went to the mall and did contacts with the Maestranza Elders. We used a poster thing about the “For the Strength of Youth”.  Elder R. really did not want to be there, so for an hour and a half he just stood there silently sulking.
Miracle #637 I had two miracles today.  The first one was getting 6 referrals from doing contacts.  The second one was having two boys who we are teaching who actually did their homework and payed attention to our lesson.  It was a complete change in the way that they behaved in the previous lesson.
    The funny part of the day was getting a call from the president.  He talked to both of us and told me that I would be going back to my very first sector to finish my mission.  I am going to have a Chilean missionary just out of training.  The funny part is that Bushman gets to train again.  He only has three transfers left in his mission and he will spend 2 of them training. I think that president thinks that Bushman is going home early so that he can start school and play football, but Bushman isn’t planning on leaving early. 

May 8, 2016
    I really had no idea that this ward loved me, in fact I wasn’t sure they even liked me.  When I told them that I was leaving, I didn’t expect them to come to me personally to say goodbye.  It was touching to me. 

The rest of the day was either saying goodbye or calling my family for mother’s day.  The call with my family today was super fun and made me feel very trunky.
Miracle #638  I think that this time around was the first call home that I didn’t cry. 
    The funny part of the day was probably just chilling with my family for an hour.  I am really excited to be able to play with everyone for a week before I have to start school.  Dad is planning a family vacation and everyone will be there.  Hearing about all the stuff that I have to do when I get back kind of scares me a little bit.  I only have three more months of missionary work, and then I have the rest of my life to do whatever I want. I am going to pray every day for the strength and energy to keep going and finish strong. 

May 9, 2016
    Today was pretty decent as a last day in my sector.  This morning we had our district meeting where the Zone Leaders told us last minute that we were going to be teaching the whole zone.  Technically I guess that they didn’t even tell us, they just gave us the time in the meeting.  After the district meeting, my comp had a meeting for trainers and I didn’t have a companion so I stayed in the office and helped out with some of their chores.  Elder Nelson is in the office right now so we caught up while working out in the storehouse.

Miracle #639 We had a good workday of 3 lessons and a division even though we started working at 5:00 PM.
    The funny part of the day was finding out that tomorrow we have to leave the house by 6:20 in order to meet up for the training activity at 8:00 at the temple.  They have to take the poor newbies and go contacting in the subway.  I guess the idea is to shock the new missionaries into the idea that they are on a mission now.  I am super excited for tomorrow.  I am going to live in the same house as Elder Diaz who will be my new Zone Leader.  I have a new adventure ahead of me in a not-so-new sector.
May 10, 2016
    Today was my first day back in Ducaud and it was pretty entertaining.  This morning we had to leave super early and most of the morning felt like I was in a dream.  I was very surprised that I remember so many people, and equally surprised that so many people remembered me.  We visited a few members and went to a little ward activity in the chapel. 
Miracle #640 I am going to be able to help my companion a ton with the work in this sector because I remember it so well.
    My new companion is Elder Morales from Chile.  I am only his second companion in the field.  He is still a little bit lost.  He is a really nice person, although he is odd. He does like to talk, so we should be able to get along.  I am really starting out way more tired than I should be though.  I am just worn out. For several hours today I felt like I was a walking zombie. Unfortunately, we are assigned to the rich part of this ward and so the people don’t pay too much attention to what we are saying. 

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